How To Become A Ten Thousandaire

How To Become A Ten Thousandaire

Learn Simple Strategies on How To Become A Ten Thousandaire

What is a Ten Thousandaire?

I consider a Ten Thousandaire as someone who earns $10,000 a year in their business.

At Second Income Coach, Gerry Schroeder coined the phrase, Ten Thousandaire.  We all hear about becoming a millionaire and let’s face it, the truth of it is that most of us will never see the Millionaire we can become.

We can, however, see ourselves as Ten Thousandaires.

How do you become a Ten Thousandaire at Second Income Coach?  Well … let’s do the math.

To earn $10,000 a year, that equals $833.33 per month (10,000 divided by 12).

Would and extran $833 a month help you and your family?

To earn $833.33 a month with Second Income Coach you would need to sponsor 56 Gold Members (56 X 14.97 = $838.32).

How do you sponsor 56 Gold members?

Let’s do some more math … I LOVE math! (yep … I know LOL)

Ok so , with an average upgrade rate of 10% (and that is a very normal average for sales), you will need to sponsor 560 Free members into SIC.  10% of 560 = 56 Gold Members.

Now you are likely wondering, how do you sponsor 560 members into Second Income Coach?

Well, it’s really a matter of advertising, spreading the word.  You tell everyone you know about Second Income Coach.

It’s as simple as following what we teach in the Second Income Coach back office.

Let’s talk about some real life examples of how you can sponsor 560 people into Second Income Coach.

Simple Facebook Strategy

The following strategy is one anyone can do and the cost is a bit of time.  For this exercise you need an account with Facebook and and account with Second Income Coach.

Note:  I recommend that you keep a Facebook account for Friends and Family and one strictly for business.

1. Add New Facebook Friends Daily

Login to Facebook and add new friends to your list every day.  Facebook makes this easy by suggesting people you may know down the right hand side of the page.  Visit their profile, if it looks like they are involved in some kind of business that they may be marketing online, then they are a good candidate for this exercise.

Include a simple yet personal message when you request to be added as a friend.  Something like this:

Hello NAME,

YOURNAME here.  I noticed on your profile that you are involved in [_______________] and I thought it would be a great idea to connect and network.  Please add me as a friend.


When your new friend adds you, visit their profile and send them a message (included in the next step below – use the same message).


  1. Replace NAME with your prospects first name
  2. Replace YOURNAME with your first and last name
  3. Replace [_______________] with your prospects Company

2. Contact friends on your list

Now the fun begins.  Many of you already have a good sized list growing on Facebook so what I recommend you do is contact 10 new friends a day.   I suggest you find friends who show as online, Facebook shows you your online friends down in the bottom right corner.

Visit your friend’s profile and check out their info to see if they have a business or affiliate website listed.  If they do, you will go and send them a message.  You can use the one below as a guide.  I highly recommend that you add your own personality to these letters as this is the beginning of the real relationship.

Subject:  Stopping by to say hi


Hello NAME,

YOURNAME here.  I was visiting your profile and noticed that you are with XYZ company.  How is that growing for you?  Is Facebook a good resource for you?

NAME, I was wondering, do you and your team use any kind of funded system to attract prospects for your business?

My team and I work with a group of coaches who teach all aspects of Internet marketing and Network marketing.  The system is generic and you can even promote your XYZ Company.  In fact, that’s what it is designed for.

I’d be happy to share my link with you and invite you to one of our live online training calls.  Reply to this message and I’ll send it over.

I look forward to connecting further and talking more about how you market your XYZ Company online.

Chat soon, have a great day,


P.S. I’m on Skype at YOURSKYPEID if you want to connect.  It would be great to chat.


  1. Replace NAME with your prospect’s name
  2. Replace XYZ Company with your prospect’s company
  3. Replace YOURNAME with your first and last name
  4. Replace YOURSKYPEID with your Skype username

When your Facebook friend responds and asks for your link, you can reply with a letter something like this:


Thanks for requesting more information about Second Income Coach, our funded sponsoring system.

Please visit

Signup, it’s free, then either Skype me or message me on Facebook and let’s chat about how Second Income Coach can help you and your entire group.

I look forward to connecting soon,



  1. Replace NAME with your prospect’s name
  2. Replace USERNAME with your SIC username.  If you wish to use a different lead page than you can change that as well.
  3. Replace YOURNAME with your first and last name
  4. Replace YOURSKYPE with your Skype username

When you see the new SIC Signup come in, I recommend you look for your new member on Facebook, chances are they are online. You can send them a message from the chat system or message system.

The key here is to make contact as soon as you see activity from your new member.

Remember to thank them, offer your assistance AND add them to the Free Skype Group so they can meet our team and get all the help they need.

3.  Contact 10 a Day

That’s it … just 10 a day.  Add 10 new friends, followup with an invitation to look at SIC.  Contact 10 current friends with an invitation to look at SIC.

Adding 10 new friends and contacting 10 new friends will take approximately 1 hour, give or take. I encourage you to take your time and check your prospects out before contacting them.  This small investment of time spent up front will produce a much more targeted audience.

If you follow this simply strategy every day for 30 days, you will be well on your way to those 560 Second Income Coach member and those 56 Gold members making you a SIC Ten Thousandaire!

10 new contacts and 10 connections with friends will produce a minimum of 2 members (10%) and I would hazard to guess that the response will be much higher (one of our members reported sp0nsoring 6 out of 7 contacts!).

Even at 2 a day, that would be 60 a month just from ONE small strategey!  Imagine the possibilities?

Have fun … BE YOURSELF … take action and you WILL see results!

This is just ONE strategy that you can use to attract targeted prospects to your Second Income Coach website.  Each strategy will move you one step closer to becoming a Ten Thousandaire!

In my next post we will talk about another small strategy that is producing very big results!

For now … it’s time to take action.  Follow the Strategy then come back here and post your comments.  We want to hear about YOUR results!

I look forward to hearing all about YOUR results.

Make it a GREAT day … make it YOUR day,

Janet Legere
You can Skype ME at janetlegere

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22 Replies to “How To Become A Ten Thousandaire”

  1. Hey Janet,

    What a GREAT post! Thank you for sharing this awesome strategy. I agree that $800 would surely help anyone(why not?) and that is really attainable if you put in the effort and follow simple strategies like this each day.


    Anderson Goncalves

  2. Hi Janet, This is awesome. This can be done even if you don’t have a lot of money or time. I look forward to letting you know my results. Madgie Avery

  3. Hi Janet,
    As you know I just set up my Facebook account.This info on how to approach people and get them to join your team is awesome. The step by step meathod you put together is a no brainer to follow. Thanks LOL Tony
    PS I just need to learn how to use facebooks proccess.

  4. Hi Janet,
    This is what I get when I click on “Add as Friend”

    “If you send a request to a stranger, it will be considered spam and your friend request will be blocked temporarily. Please only send this request if you know Frieke.”

    Is it ok to proceed with the request?

  5. Hi Janet,
    I do have a facebood account. I guess what I’m asking is should I create a fan page for business and then view some of my contacts on facebook and their friends? Because I’ve been contemplating on setting one up. I’m try to figure out how to go about it. Thanks for the information.

  6. Hi Claudia,

    I think Fan pages are a great way to get traffic for your business. It’s something I plan to do in the very near future. Nathalie & Hugh VIlleneuve offer training on creating fan pages, I recommend you contact them on Facebook ok?


  7. Thanks for sharing this post Janet. Some great ideas for marketing online that absolutely anyone can do. I love the way you worked the numbers to show how really simple it is to achieve the goal of becoming a “ten thousandaire”.

  8. Thanks Marcia,

    I truly believe we sometimes get caught up in the big numbers and when we break it down, it makes it that much more achievable.

    Anxious to hear your results!


  9. Janet,
    Fantastic information, great strategy Thank you.
    Social Networks works well if you are careful.
    You truly need to make a friend first
    then contact them and network.
    The rest will happen, build it they will come 🙂
    Ken Pringle

  10. Great advice! it helps break steps down into bite sized bites so goals are not so overwhelming. As a stroke survivor, that is what my brain needs. . . steps I can grab a take hold of. Thanks, Janet!

  11. Thanks for the math to clear up the yearly ten thousandaire from the monthly. I always thought it was a monthly goal. Big Gurus say Think Big fall short still prosper. Either way the free training is very valuable with this system. I like the way people are joining up seeing that improving any business sales process is part of the equation, with time invested, big goals can be achieved.

  12. You’re an inspiration to me, Janet. I really like this blog, very informative. Lots of good ideas to follow here. I’ll be back for more ideas.

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