How do Giveaways Work

We all know that building our list online is one of the key components of creating online success in your business.  Sometimes, it seems like that’s all you hear from the experts.  Build your list.  Grow your list.

There are many ways to build your list and one of the fastest ways is to use Giveaways.

Not all giveaways are created equal however, if setup properly, giveaways can build your list fast!

This year there have been many giveaway sites launch (there is a reason for that .. they work) and you may wonder how effective these sites can be if there are new ones being launched all the time.

The secret to Giveaways is using them!

So how exactly do Giveaways work?

1.   You signup as a contributor (don’t worry if you don’t have anything to contribute, help for this is further down the post)  Upgrade is possible as this creates more traffic to your links!

2.  Login and setup your profile and payment information.

3.  Setup your gift!    For many of you, you are likely thinking … “I don’t have a gift”.  Help is here.  There are many private label rights programs that are available for you to setup to give away.  You can do a google search for “PLR Products” or spend $9.95 to join My Money Fish to access over 3000 give away products.

4.  Share your Giveaway link to sponsor more people into the system.  When you sponsor others, you earn points that you can assign to your Gifts.  The higher points for your gifts the closer your gift will be to the top of the list and you will get more subscribers this way.

When you join a Giveaway site and upload a ‘gift’, your list will grow as visitors download your free gift.  It’s so simple and SO viral!

The newest Giveaway site and likely one of the MOST popular each year is the Easter Giveaway.  Guido makes this whole process so simple, once you are registered and you login to the Easter Giveaway site, you will see all the instructions you need to guide you through the setup process.

I highly recommend that you upgrade if possible – you will earn more income and receive more traffic as an upgraded member.

If you have never used a Giveaway site before or have used them but without success, then now is your chance to get the results you need.

Join the Easter Giveaway and let’s connect and make it work for you.  Add me to Skype and let’s get this setup!  My Skype ID is janetlegere.

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