Change Your Subject

How changing a subject changes results

Sometimes it is the littlest thing that can make the biggest difference and such is the case with an ad I sent out recently.  It was a fairly new ad that I was testing and I felt the content was good, yet the results I received from my first mailing were less than expected.

I decided to try something … a small change, very tiny and very powerful.

Here is the first ad I sent out.

SUBJECT:  Does this free system work?


Does this free system work?

Why do you think people like Bram Smith,
Jane Mark, Mike Glaspie, Jonah Klimack,
Colin Klinkert, Frank Bauer, Rachel Long …
and ME are on board with the New Rich system?

Because we know it works!

And not only does it work for us,
it works for our downline too and
that is key to any system.

We help you create duplication in
your business, whatever business
that is.

Your downline will grow and so will
your income when you follow the simple
steps we teach.

No guess work .. we show you exactly
what you need to do.

First … get a copy of our free
report … it’s one everyone needs
to read … you’ll see why when
you read it.

After you subscribe, watch for the
offer to get a free account and access
to all our training and support.

Signup – Login – Begin.

Contact me if you have questions.

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert
Calgary, Alberta

P.S. I don’t need to try to “sell”
you on this system … I use it
and it works. Period!

If you aren’t using it .. join free below

See what I mean?  I think it’s a very powerful ad … yet very few new members showed up when I sent it out.

I considered the ad for some time and decided that a change in subject was in order.  Here is the new subject I used:

Does your system work?

All I did was change “this free” with your.  The reader believes I am asking about their system.  The subject becomes personal and it made a huge difference.

I also changed the first sentence in the ad to “Does your system work?”.  I left the rest of the ad the same.

I sent out the ad to my lists (ListJoe, ListQuik, ListVolta, etc – the resources we teach you about in the New Rich Report system) and the next day, when I logged in to my New Rich Report members area, there were 31 new members in less than 24 hours!

THIRTY ONE new members … those 31 new members are also registering in our funded programs (GDI, GVO and my primary business).

2 GDI signups
3 GVO signups
1 Primary business signup

One great ad … one small change = BIG RESULTS.

If you aren’t seeing the same results with your ads, consider making small changes.  Chances are, one small change will produce great results.

You can see the same results I do when you follow our simple steps at the New Rich Report.  Not a member yet?  You can join for free here:

Free training and support – a true no-experience necessary program!

Post your questions and comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Make every day a great day,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

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