Apsense Recommendations

Apsense Recommendations

Recommendations for Apsense Members

Jane Porterfield Advanced
Mar 30th  10:20
It’s a pleasure to make a recommendation for Janet. She’s a super nice lady, knows what to do to succeed online, is a woman with a mentor’s heart & loves helping others.
Recommendation on Experiences: Live Training with Janet & Don Legere, Get Live Training

Dr Don Y. Magnate I Deluxe
Mar 22nd 01:02
Have know Janet from a distance for some time now. Certainly she doesn’t need my recommendation, but she has my respect as a coach and mentor worthy of everyone’s connection. Take care Janet nice to be here with you
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I
Aug 9th 19:16
Janet is a friend,professional,honest,trustful and dependable also believe in helping others,coaching and mentoring others getting the job done,active on APSense God Bless!
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Jan Ashby Innovator
Dec 7th 15:35
Janet is so helpful, and is committed to providing value. Her professionalism shines in all she does. She really enjoys moving people closer to their dreams. She does many webinars, and you can hear in her voice the enthusiasm and sincerity. I recommend Janet to you all.
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Alan Kiel Freshman
Apr 20th 10:12
Janet is great – very knowledgable and fun to work with.
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Pauline Burke Committed
Apr 17th 15:16
Janet Legere Is a Lovely Lady and a great business Woman she loves to share. I enjoys her morning quotes they helps me to start my day, get to know janet . I am hoping to learn form her. Blessings and great success to you Janet
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

John Jarvis Innovator
Apr 8th 22:51
Janet has been teaching me the ropes of live webinar training for over a year now and I recommend her to anyone that wants to train others in a webcast environment.
Recommendation on Haves: Live Training Webinars

Bonnie Waters Innovator
Apr 3rd 12:28
Janet Legere is a fantastic leader. She has been my mentor for quite some time and I would not be where I am today, if it were not for her leadership. I highly recommend her expertise in the Internet Marketing field. The programs that she recommends are fantastic. You cannot go wrong following Janet Legere’s lead if you want to succeed!
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Dennis Brooks Advanced
Apr 3rd 11:28
If you want to learn internet marketing the right way, do it the Janet legere way. She is always ready to help when you want it, support when you need it. Her webinars are an inspiration for anybody who wants to make it in internet marketing. Not only that she is a friiend who has time for everybody.
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Lawrey Jack Smashnuk Junior
Apr 1st 13:34
Janet & Don have gathered a tremendous lot of experience in the online world, their training sessions are down home valuable, helping to make processes that seem complex and confusing more manageable in step by step ways.
Recommendation on Haves: Live Training Webinars
John Taylor Innovator
Mar 31st 08:08
Janet is an Awsome Trainer, Mentor, and good Friend, who without doubt I would have got as far as I have today. With Janet in your corner you cannot go far wrong. Way to Go Janet and thank you for all your support.
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

John Jarvis Innovator
Mar 31st 07:59
Janet has been working online for many years now. She is the best internet marketer trainer that I know, and I know many of them.
Recommendation on Experiences: Coach and Mentor, Contact List Builder

Philippe Moisan Magnate II Premium
Mar 26th 06:25
Sometimes, little conversations can be a game changer. In the case here, at the end of February 2012, I was chatting with Janet, we didn’t know each other very much. She realized how much I love APSense, and she offered me to talk about it in her Saturday webinars. Since then, I’ve discovered how nice and generous she is. She is a positive thinker with a capital T. I recommend that you get to know her. And that you come to her webinars that she hosts with her husband Don.
Recommendation on Haves: Live Training Webinars

Tunde Obasemola Senior
Mar 7th 05:37
Janet Legere is truly an expert in list building. Her Expert List Builder is a testimony to her ability in list building. She is equally a motivator. She consistently holds webinars to assist online marketers in list building. Her morning motivator is geared towards geared towards keeping one on the right track.
Recommendation on Haves: Live Training Webinars

Vps Malhotra Magnate I
Jan 20th 00:07
Janet is one of the greats of the Internet marketing, guiding, teaching, assistiing,instructing,directing and mentoring without tilt or bias all those who seek her advice and consutations She is an established internet marketer, affiliate marketer GURU and is quick to respond (unlike others ) to queries addressed to her I feel greatly honored to be in her contact and mailing list and shall be seeking and getting guidance form her in internet marketing issues All the best to her in her successes for Internet marketing and all edeavours in her life Persons of her stature and distingished standing are gems on the Apsense and enhance its Value all the best

Michelle Hoffmann Committed
Dec 14th 08:36
I’ve known Janet for a long time now… and will say that she is one of the smartest and inspirational people I have ever met. You would do well to follow her teachings! 🙂

Anderson Goncalves Innovator
Dec 3rd 15:31
Janet is an amazing Internet Marketing trainer, she has helped me learn everything I needed to finally start making money online. Today, almost three years since we met online, I am launching my first adverting program and I couldn’t have made it without her. Thank you for being such a great friend!

Barbara DelGiudice Senior
Sep 25th 14:48
Janet Legere has been marketing for a long time on the internet and a trusted person to listen to.

Michael Camire Committed Premium
Jul 23rd 20:21
In the short time that I have know Janet and Don Legere, they have helped me tremendously with building my list, blogging, priortizing my task and goals. Janet is always so happy to help out no matter how small or big your issue may be, she is there all the way with you until you get resolved. Thanks Janet and Don.

Vps Malhotra Magnate I
Jun 21st 07:54
You are one of the GREATS on the internet I am in your mailing lists I like your offers but feel shy to joi as Iam not sure that they work or not I must say that you posses the insight of a genius ,the probing eye of an investigator and skill to make all your mailshighly attractive and readable All the best and thanks for the guidance that you are providing at Apsense and other forums All the best
Rodney Smith Senior
Jun 1st 19:45
Janet Legere is a true marketing genuis and it’s a pleasure having here as a contact here on Apsense as well as being a part of her Prospect Geyser Marketing System. Anything Janet is a part of, I make it a point to look at because she has been marketing and earning money online for a long time and knows what shes doing.

Sue and Shawn Kelly Senior
Oct 2nd 07:24
Janet Legere has learned it all in 10 years of internet business. She has developed a simple 3 step system to make any internet member become a List Building Expert. She writes blogs, reviews, and e-books to help others succeed. She and Don are constantly finding ways to make it better and Best and it is. Thank you Janet for sharing with us.

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  1. I am not 100% certain what that says, Bernd however, it sounds wonderful and I thank you 😉

    I am excited to help you and your team any way that I can.

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