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Whatever business, product or service that you represent, the best way to make money online is to create your own brand.  Creating your own brand is all about putting Your Business card online. Your business card is your domain name. To create long term success online you need to have affordable Webhosting and an Auto-Responder.

You need

  • Your Own Domain Hosted with an easy to install Word Press Blog
  • A Professional Auto-Responder
  • Video Recording and Watermark-free Hosting

If you use your Word Press blog to create articles about the business, products and services that you represent, you will attract the right clientele that you are looking for.

At GVO, you will find all the tools you need to setup your domain, install a Word Press blog, setup a professional auto-responder and be able to record and upload video.

One place, one price for affordable webhosting, video hosting and auto-responders. If you aren’t using GVO, we invite you to test drive our services for 14 days for $1.   I am confident you will like what you see!

Add me to Skype and let’s get together and get you setup today.  My Skype ID is janetlegere.

Have a great day!


Don’t hesitate any longer … take the $1 trial at GVO and we’ll help you get your domain setup, your Word Press blog installed and we’ll even help you record your first video. It’s easier than you think.

Have your credit card ready when you click the banner below

Enjoy my latest article at EzineArticles.com on Branding You
Simple Steps to Create Your Own Brand

36 Replies to “GVO Affordable Tools”

  1. Right on Janet. Keep reminding folks about the benefits, tools and functionality at GVO.

    I have looked at and used a number of hosting companies over the years and I have not found a single one that offers all the features found at GVO. Couple that with their excellent support and you have a combination that is unbeatable.

  2. Great video, Janet! Simple, no-hype, and straight to the point with the facts people need to know about online marketing tools.

    PS – Love the captions! 😉

  3. Hi Janet,
    Liked your presentation on branding yourself. AS always clear and to the point which is one of the things that peaked my interest. Do not long drawn out presentations, personally. And as far GVO, it does have the tools needed for a business.
    Andrea J.

  4. Thanks Janet, clear and concise as usual. You always offer practical solutions to help someone accomplish building an online business…

  5. I agree with everything you say Janet and having your expertise along with the expertise of several others in GVO is incredible. If you want to be successful in any business online you need tools, training on how to use them and SUPPORT. Branding yourself and building relationships in my opinion is the heart of working online. Success follows.
    Oh yes, I love the captions as well.

  6. Great stuff Janet… what i like best is, you are always willing to go that extra step to help new people get started… and that is rare on the net today. keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,
    Paul Holcroft

  7. GVO is the *Best* and ‘I would suggest *Janet’s training program to anybody…’

    With GVO the tutorial videos offer detailed assistance and having a game plan to online success,like Janet offers you goes beyond great service. It’s truly a gift . If you want to start living the kind of lifestyle you want, follow Janet and follow her plan.

    Kathy Stover
    Co-Creator/Co-Host http://InternetCitadel.com

  8. So true Janet. I think the most overlooked thing that people need to address is their own value that they are bringing to the people in their business. ie. helping their team & working together.

  9. Great little infomercial on a product that not only includes what people need, but is responsive to it’s members and makes sure it gets better and more versitle every day. GVO does have the tools and training people need.

  10. Awesome video & blog post Janet! Before GVO we didn’t know how to set up an auto reponder, the importance of a blog with video and how to tie it all together which is the magic. We are learning so much since joining the GVO family. You are an awesome teacher and we are so blessed to have you as our mentor.

  11. Hi Janet,

    I’ve been using GVO’s tools for quite a while now to build my blog and they are tremendous and I definitely save a lot of money having them all in one place instead of purchasing them separately.

    Thanks for the info!

    And the captions in the video are a nice touch. 🙂

    Avid Janet and Don Legere follower:
    Shawna Smith

  12. Great video Janet! Thanks again for all that you do to help everyone. We really are fortunate to have all the tools that we need, and the best trainers in the business to show us how to use them!

  13. What a relaxed and informative video. What you said in 2 minutes and 20 seconds was informative and precisely what we all needed to hear about GVO, nothing more, nothing less – true Janet Legere style indeed. Thanks!

  14. Janet, thanks for the great summary.

    I use GVO tools all the time, and the blog in my signature is an example of how anyone can do this. However, rather than record directly with EVP, I’ve been using my webcam, then adding titles and credits with Windows Movie Maker before uploading to GVO.

    How have you added the annotations to your video? I don’t see any options to do this in GVO – am I missing a trick?


  15. Hi Sandra,

    The GVO Easy Video Producer is not a video editor, it is a video recorder and host.

    I prefer to record locally so that I can upload my video to YouTube as well. I also use Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos and add captions. It’s a great tool.

    I hope that helps,

    Janet Legere

  16. Hi Janet, Nice & Clean and a really warm voice 🙂 to listen to. Gvo is really a powerful system to use and will only get better and better.

    My Regards,
    Jack L.

  17. Hi Janet,
    GVO is THE best so it is only natural that you are a part of it because you are THE BEST too!
    I just have one concern though….the Roses are gone…did Don stop buying them? LOL

    See you in Las Vegas!
    Tim Foulke

  18. Janet what an on point video!
    The GVO business is so vast, but you did say you like to make complex things simple and you sure did it with this video.
    You’re awesome and do a terrfic job with these videos.
    Thanks for sharing and continued success!

  19. Hi Janet,
    Real nice video, well prepared and organized. I use Use my own web cam, power point and windows movie maker to make videos, sales pitches on sales pages and tutorial videos.
    I’ll have to try out GVO.
    Have a great day,
    Wallace Johnson

  20. Hey Janet,
    You’re right on the money here.
    Video is the way to go now these days.

    Thanks for all the advice you give to marketers out there on the internet.

    Great blog also.

    Keep up the Awesome job!

    Take care,

  21. Hi Janet, Thanks for yet another Great Production ..Thanks for all you do in helping us Master these Fantastic Marketing Tools offered by GVO at such an Affordable Price …

    Thanks again and keep on Teaching…


  22. Thanks Janet for the great video’s Really inspires me to get going on using all the tools GVO offers! Again thanks for the great Vid’s!

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