GVO replaces GDI

Global Domains International vs Global Virtual Opportunities

Unless you are brand new to Internet Marketing (and I mean brand spanking new), you likely have heard of a company called GDI, Global Domains International.  They’ve been around a long time, in fact, I’ve been a member myself since 2004 and earned a decent income.

My challenge with GDI was always the fact that it was an incomplete system.  While the business side made perfect sense, and it really does, the tools they offered were lacking one major component.

They were missing a professional auto-responder.

Enter GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO has always offered top notch tools for the avid marketer who understands the importance of branding and creating multiple websites. For a long time, GVO lead the industry in Premiere services and GDI lead the industry for starter services and business.

Until now … until the launch of Host Then Profit, the sister company to GVO that offers domain hosting for up to 4 different websites, a professional auto-responder with up to 5 campaigns and 500 subscribers, professional video hosting and recording, webinar conference technology and more.

Host Then Profit Offers Affordable Services

Host Then Profit offers all this for a less just $9.97 a month! It’s affordable now for anyone to get a real start in business and begin the art of ‘branding’ and ‘list building’. These are the two major strategies you need to master to create success online.

And just like GDI, Global Domains International, GVO, Global Virtual Opportunities aka HostThenProfit offers weekly bonuses for sponsoring 5 or more members as well as monthly bonuses if you have 100 or more active members.

Don and I can attest to the quality of GVO services and the support at GVO is the best I have ever experienced. They put YOU first when it comes to setup and support.

And if that isn’t enough, we have training and resources available to anyone who needs help with GVO/HostThenProfit.

So … if you aren’t yet with GVO/HTP, make today the day you say YES and let’s get working on branding YOU, building your LIST AND making more money online!

We know you can do it … and we are here to help.

Get started today and contact us immediately. We want you to see results immediately and we know it’s possible with a Focused Plan of Action!

Make today your day!

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder
Skype me @ janetlegere

10 Replies to “GVO replaces GDI”

  1. Hi Janet,

    What a great post Janet and a lot of interesting information to know about GVO. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone. What a testimonial about the business as well.

    Have an awesome week Hon!

    Marilyn Martin

  2. Hello Janet,

    What a great post as usual you are always on a look out for helpful tools for your members. You get two thumbs up!

    Donna Gain

  3. Super job Janet!

    Anyone that has been around for awhile knows that
    GVO/Hostthenprofit is the way to go.

    You have done an excellent comparison of GVO and GDI.

    Everyone needs all the tools that are provided in GVO/HTP
    to have and keep their business on track. Besides almost
    anyone can afford the $9.97 per month.

    God bless.

  4. Thanks for the information Janet.
    As you know my plans are moving forward and this little nugget has not been missed.

    It is on my list and I’m sure it will enhance my efforts for the future, one step at a time.

    You have always been there to encourage me with great idea’s and insperation and I am convinced this will be no different. I cannot wait.

    John “The Wizard” Taylor

  5. Great Post Janet.

    GVO/ HostThenProfit is a great system that is definitely part of my business! They have the necessary tools that everyone needs to build their business. At the monthly of only $9.95 what a deal no one should pass it up!

    Thanks for sharing with everyone! Good stuff as usual Janet!


  6. Hello Janet thank you for the information about GVO/HTP I’ ll study them as soon as possible and let you know my decision and again thanks
    gallo yero sane.

  7. Hi Rob,

    The comp plan is similar, you earn 50% on personal referrals the first month and 5% residual thereafter in a 4X10 matrix.


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