Get the W.E.S.T. Program Free

Get the W.E.S.T. Program Free

Imagine if Someone Were to Hand You the Keys to Unlock Thousands of Dollars in Internet Marketing Education… and You Only Had to Begin Building Your Business to Get those Keys… NOW!


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On Saturday, we had the pleasure of listening to Bob Yeager, Internet Business Success Coach. Bob talked about ‘re-purposing content to maximize traffic generation’. We had such a great time on the call and Bob share some strategies about article marketing that are sure to surprise, inspire you and help you build your list.

Please enjoy the recording of the call here. You’ll also find the PDF file that Bob shared with us. Everything you need!

40 Replies to “Get the W.E.S.T. Program Free”

  1. Janet…

    You are too cute! Your roses look great, Happy Valentines day! Looking forward to sharing with everyone what mindsets have made you a success in internet marketing.

    Make it a great day!

  2. WOW

    You folks have gone nuts on what you are offering, if there is ANYTHING I can do to help let me know

    You ROCK Janet and Bob!!

    –Joel Therien

  3. Wowzers! How ’bout that Yeager enticement! Makes me almost (but NOT quite) sorry I’ve already got a GVO Titanium account. The WEST tools certainly DO sound like just the ones I’d be grateful to have an opportunity to access. EVERYTHING is about timing, though, isn’t. 🙂

    And yes, Janet, I LOVED the presentation he provided on your Saturday Training Session. Stellar Stuff, indeed.

    Peace and Love,

  4. Hi Janet:
    You’re video won’t work for me but I did listen to Bob’s whole video earlier today.
    I’d love to get the W.E.S.T. progtam but in this video below yours Bob says to cancel my GVO & then sign up again.
    Any suggestions, should I cancel?

    RESPONSE: Hi Bruce, Bob doesn’t say to cancel, he simply says it is worth a second account. It is up to you if you join again and maintain two accounts or just one. I hope that helps. Janet Legere

  5. Very good session on saturday I seen most of the meeting on Saturday and been talking to Steve Gaghagen abokut the WEST program. You Video should get people to join and share the W/est Program with others.

  6. Hi Janet,
    Happy Valentine Day, your Roses are Beautiful!!
    I was on the Training Call Sat. It was a very informative call.
    Congrats on being asked to be Intervied on the Show. I know you will knock their socks off!! Good Luck Janet, Lucille

  7. I was there Saturday and the same sentiment animate me like DeJay Hart loved the presentation. I am already a GVO member.

    Thank you for the pdf…

    Claude Decelles

  8. Hi from Australia

    I always appreciate what you have to say Janet. You over-deliver and are very generous with what you share.

  9. Great video Janet. Thank you Bob for the free west program. A little confusing in how to get the free west Program if we already have a GVO account.

    Now partnered up with Bob Yeager and what he is offering to everyone guess I will just concentrate on building my list and downline in GVO as this will put me out of the running to win the car, can’t compete with two guru marketers that are already branded….oh well its all good, now that I know what I am up against.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. I too enjoyed the video Saturday!! Bob has had some heart wrenching experiences already in his young life but has mastered them!! We are so very lucky that he’s come through that period and now ready to help others become as successful…how very fortunate we are!! You too Janet, you deseve our gratitude!! And, so many others that are willing and able to give their help…I feel really Blessed and want to Thank All of You!!! Love your roses…brings back beautiful memories for me! 🙂 Looking forward to tonight and your interview, that will be worth hearing as well. I’m anxious to read the PDF file. Thanks again, have a great day!! DorothyJ

  11. After working with Bob for 18 months helping him build the WEST Program Online and as a founder of Team Bob Yeager I can tell everyone that if you thought Saturdays training with Janet and Bob was good you have to believe that is was nothing compared to what you can learn if you stay the course. GVO has put together the tools package everyone needs at the right price. The “Joining Forces” of Janet and Team Bob Yeager along with the West Program simply means anyone can become an unstopable force on the Internet if they spend the time to learn from them.

  12. If you believe you cannot compete then you are right … 🙂 I will suggest that anyone can win that car … my focus is simply helping others use the tools at GVO. Bob is going to create a package for GVO members who are NOT in our downline so that they too can avail themselves of the WEST program. Stay tuned 🙂 Janet

  13. Offering the WEST program for FREE sends a very clear message to the Networking Business World that this group is again raising the BAR. I applaud the leadership of this amazing TEAM, including.. Janet Legere….Mike Silva…Keith Dennis and of course Bob Yeager !
    Visibility and accountability are the foundation to what we offer !!!
    Thank you so much !!!
    Clayton Wilson

  14. Hi Janet, good luck with your interview with Jerry Meyer. Looking forward to the call and thanks for all you do.

  15. Abdi,

    First … Welcome to GVO!

    I sent a followup with the information. Please add me to Skype and I’ll get you connected. My Skype ID is janetlegere.

    Chat soon,


  16. Hey Janet, you look like a natural in front of the camera. Great job, great message and congratulations on being featured on the call tonight. I KNOW you will do great.

    Best to you,


  17. Boy, talk about great timing…I joined GVO and the Yeager team yesterday. I know lots about human behavior but only a little about internet marketing. I feel, however, that between the generosity and caring of both Janet and Bob as well as the GVO folks I am finally in the company of eagles!

  18. Great call. Again like others it is too bad we joined just before this offer by Bob but just want to let you know that I do feel like joining up with your team is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.
    Sorry I have to miss the call tonight with your interview but I have to work. Is it going to be recorded also for those of us who cannot join the live call?

  19. Hi
    Your video with Bob about is not working . It starts and then just stops for good, at least on my computer. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Saturdays call was terrific
    Thanks for all you do.

  20. Thanks

    This blog is Awesome .

    I am ready to join but i want to know that is there any other way to pay you for this (can i use my paypal ). I am waiting for your reply .
    Have a great day
    see you later


  21. Hi Janet,
    I know I must have a credit card to join GVO but
    I can not at this time. One associate of Joel told me to get a tempory card from a drug store and I did with Master Card but it was not accepted as it must cover the monthly fees after the 14 day trial and even with $100. card it was not accepted.
    I am now an affiliate with GVO advertising close to 8 of their websites!

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