Funded Sponsoring Systems Explained

Funded Sponsoring Systems Explained

What is a Funded Sponsoring System?

Funded Sponsoring is a way to “fund” your online advertising.  A Funded System offers programs that pay commissions.  Most funded systems offer training on how to advertise the system.   A good funded system will generate cash flow without a large investment of cash on your end.  Most funded systems offer a free membership and an upgraded membership.  Most funded systems also pay a commission on referrals to the system.  When your referrals join and upgrade, you earn a commission and this commission helps “fund” your online marketing.

The more you advertise the “system”, the more leads you will generate.  The more leads you generate, the more members will join. The more members that join, the more upgrades will be created and your system will soon do more than fund your marketing, it can and will turn into a full time income!

How does a Funded Sponsoring System work?

A funded system usually begins with a Lead Capture page that offers a free membership.  When you join, you will gain access to a member’s only area where you will setup your funded system.  There will be a place to enter your affiliate ids for the programs associated with the system.

Once you have your ‘system” setup, you will begin advertising your Funded Sponsoring link.  As you drive traffic to your website, your visitors will be inclined to fill out the form and join the funded system.

They will be directed to login to the member’s only area and setup their funded system and begin advertising their funded system affiliate link.

This creates duplication with your team as they follow the sames steps all members do.  You can leverage the time of other people as you build a strong networking community together.

What is the best Funded Sponsoring System to use?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Funded systems out there.  The one that works best will be the one you use.

We recommend two funded systems that work very well to compliment each other.

For the newbie to Internet Marketing, the Earth Friendly Biz (EFB) system offers basic training to learn all the strategies of simple Internet Marketing.  We teach you how to use credit based mailers and traffic exchanges, we talk about Social Networks.  You’ll learn about link tracking and using many different ways to get traffic to your website.

Don and I, along with our partner, James Stone, own and manage the Earth Friendly Biz system and actively support all our members through a Skype group, through live training and through any means necessary to offer the help our members need to learn to master Internet Marketing through Earth Friendly Biz.

The Earth Friendly Biz system is free to join and take all the training, you can even build your downline through the downline builder.  There is an upgrade that offers you many options include a full professional auto-responder,  full contact management system plus the ability to earn commissions on two levels on other upgraded members.  Monthly membership upgrade is $1 for the first thirty days then $29.95 per month.

Click here to join Earth Friendly Biz for free

The second system is one created by one of our partners, Gerry Schroeder.  Gerry is a successful Network Marketer who understands the needs of the online marketer.  Gerry has put together a great system that is the perfect marriage of Internet Marketing with Network Marketing.

Once you master the skills at Earth Friendly Biz, you’ll be ready to move on to the more advanced training at Second Income Coach (SIC).  At Second Income Coach, you will learn to become a great Networker with the new members and leads you create with the SIC system.  You can use these strategies with your Earth Friendly Biz members and leads as well.

It is free to join the Second Income Coach program and take some of the basic training.  There are two levels of training inside the SIC system, free members and Gold members.  Free members earn a 10% commission while Gold members earn a 50% commission on personally sponsored Gold members.  Gold members have the ability to add video, edit their affiliate ids and much much more.

Click here to Join Second Income Coach for free

21 Replies to “Funded Sponsoring Systems Explained”

  1. Thank you for the post Janet. That makes it very clear for people to understand what a Funded Sponsoring System is and how it works.
    When you use a Funded Sponsoring system your efforts are never wasted because you’re building ‘your’ list while branding you as an expert.

  2. Hi Janet,

    Nice post! And for anyone who has not yet joined EFB – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Seriously, my experience with EFB is a perfect example of the KLT theory (know, like and trust). EFB was not the first (or even the second or third) funded sponsoring system I came across. But it is the only one I have felt comfortable with and the only one I am seriously working.

    That’s because Janet is a “known quantity” to me from GVO. I’ve “chatted” with her on GVO calls. I’ve seen her in action as a trainer. I have grown to know, like and trust her. And I have seen, in just the short time I’ve been a member of EFB, that what they offer is dead-on training on how to build that KLT factor for yourself.

    It just works.


  3. Listen to Janet, she is right you need a funded proposal system to promote your business opportunity on line. You may have to join many of the funded proposal systems out there. You have to find the right one that fits your marketing style and has either no other program that you have to join or programs that you can use or like. Beware of the multiple streams on income promise. Many times it multiple streams of expense.

  4. I get so excited about these opportubities that my mind jams. Your posts really help me take it all in and take the steps to bring it all together.
    Thank You.

  5. Janet,
    Great informative video.
    You explain the two systems very well.
    It is no wonder you are the internet
    training expert. You never cease to amazing
    me with your great training know how.
    Thank you for all you do for us.

  6. Janet,your training and motivation are second to none.I really look forward to all your trainings especially saturdays with Don.Thank you both for all you do!

  7. Hi Janet,
    Thanks again!
    Once more you’ve explained a concept in a way that makes sense and helps all of us “get it”!

    Yvonne Finn

  8. Hey…Janet.. Loved your video and there is so much to learn with Internet Marketing, and you give great advise and i love your expertise. Thank You…much for your encouragement!

  9. Hi Janet I always like the way you explain things. I’ve join EFB and sic. I haven’t finished setting everything up but working on it. I’ll talk to you soon. Oh before I forget do I need skype credits to talk to you? Thanks again for the post.

  10. Hi Janet,
    You have done a great job explaining the system. Keep up the good work you do that make you an expert in your field.

    Once again thank you.

  11. Great video Janet,

    You’re a natural infront of the camera.
    It’s as if you’re talking directly to us.

    Good explanation about Funded Proposals too – will look into both.



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