EFB Receives Top Recommendation

EFB Receives Top Recommendation

Monday, November 24, 2008
From Garland Coulson, Founder of FreeTrafficBar

Learn the secrets of my top affiliate

My affiliates are a huge part of my success and I LOVE to pay them commissions. But of course, some of my affiliates earn more than others…

I noticed that one of my affiliates, Janet Legere, was almost always my #1 affiliate each month. While I was happy Janet was doing so well promoting me, I wanted to know how she did so well selling my products so that I could help my other affiliates do the same.

So, I chatted with her about what she was doing. It was so simple it was brilliant!

First off, she wasn’t just earning money from MY products, she had set up a simple system that gave her MULTIPLE streams of income.

And Janet set up her system so that others can join and use it so they don’t have to set up their own.

Her system is called Earth Friendly Biz and you can check it out for free here:

P.S. She also has a coupon in her system for 10,000 Free Traffic Bar credits

Garland Coulson, Founder
Free Traffic Bar

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