Earth Friendly Biz Relaunching

Earth Friendly Biz Relaunching

I want to thank James Stone and Ralph Martin for creating such a great partnership and writing such a great notice about our new alliance.

As you know, Don and I are all about the win win win win win situation where everyone benefits and you can create income from home.  James and Ralph partnered with us on Earth Friendly Biz for that exact reason.

Please read what James and Ralph had to say:

Fantastic news! The founders of and have partnered to bring you a ground floor opportunity that’s still in pre-launch.  And you know what that means.

Please read on….. Don’t miss this

The list building and internet marketing genius of Janet and Don Legere and the technical wizardry and sales artistry of James Stone and Ralph Martin have partnered together to bring you ALL the pieces of the puzzle.  No more will these sites simply be list building
and lead generation sites.  It’s now a full time business in a box with all the tools at your fingertips designed to take you to the top. brings you steps by step through building your list, what to email, and which systems to sign up for with simple step-by-step instructions to over 20 different state of the art systems designed to quickly build your primary business.  And if you don’t have a primary business, make this your primary business.  Already over 25000 people have gone through this training and it’s about to get a facelift. uses a unique algorithm and RSS newsfeeds to generate more leads for free than you can get by paying for them in Google Adwords or Yahoo search marketing.  Already over 20000 people have looked at LG and over 8600 have built their pages.

Here’s the really incredible part!  Now you’ll be able to import leads from both sites into a single customer relationship management system to take you step by step through the sales process, the sales cycle, or your sales funnel to generate real dollars for your business.   Imagine being able to have both systems generating leads for you and being able to follow up with pre-loaded or custom emails or make phone calls from one place.

That’s not all.  This is now a business.  With only 5 people under you, you could be making a profit and both systems become free!  This isn’t one of those MLM programs where you only get paid a nice commission the first month and after that you get a couple dollars each so that on a month when you don’t sign anybody, you get almost nothing.  This is a simple 2 tier commission structure.  You get paid the same amount every month that your downline stays on board.

Heres’ the thing, the contract is signed, but the ink is still not dry.  It will be a very short time, maybe 7-15 days before EarthFriendlyBiz is upgraded and complate and ready to go.  It’s already 90% completed, but the program switchover is not yet done.  Leadgusher will take a few weeks longer as it is undergoing a complete new facelift altogether.

Do you see why Don and I are SO excited?  Many of you remember when we launched Earth Friendly Biz back in 2007.   It worked so well for many of you who used it and followed our steps.  Many were creating income from home with EFB.

You will be excited to know that tests today show EFB is responding even better now!

That means guaranteed results for you!

If you follow the system we have laid out for you at EFB, you will build your list, you will sponsor members to EFB, you will sponsor members to the associated programs and you WILL earn multiple streams of income creating a nice income from home.

That sounds like exactly what you are looking for, doesn’t it?

If you have never looked at EFB, you need to do it now.

Click here to get started for free

EXISTING MEMBER NOTICE: If you are already a member of Earth Friendly Biz, you can login to the member’s area and update your Affiliate IDs.  Click the link above and then click on Member Login at the top right.  We are happy to see you back again, welcome!

17 Replies to “Earth Friendly Biz Relaunching”

  1. Thanks Jim … that sure got a lot of excitement I must say … I did fix it 🙂 We are an Earth Friendly Biz system with lots of fizzle in our Biz 🙂

  2. Snow? heck no (dirty word lol) .. it’s 23’C today and we are standing under our Canopy on the back deck .. south back yard with tons of sun 🙂

  3. Beautiful day for a bike ride. Melanie and I took a nice walk around the lake in Mackenzie Towne. Looking forward to see how EFB works for me..Have a spectacular day!!

  4. Great Job Janet and Don. I know this will be another great Success.
    Yo both look so cute on your back deck, you look so happy. Keep it up and your life will just keep getting better & better.
    I love it, Lucille

  5. Awesome Job Janet and Don. I’ve been a member since 2007 and i really appreciate you guys for all the great service you have given to me and other network marketers over the years!

    This is really great!


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