Does Email Marketing Work?

Does Email Marketing Work?

Great question, eh? I was on a call with Bob Yeager on Tuesday and he talked about email marketing dos and don’ts and it caused me to reflect on my own email marketing.

People will tell you email marketing is dead, that it just does not work with spam filters and isp’s blocking emails. It’s a crazy world online.

I’m here to tell you that email marketing does work and it works well. Email marketing is the mainstay of my business and what I teach here online.

Done correctly, email marketing can be very effective and is effective for those who use it responsibly.

So how does one practice responsible email marketing?

1. Use a simple catchy subject

Your email is rather useless if someone doesn’t open it … agreed?  Like your email body, your subject is NOT where you sell your reader. Your subject needs to attract attention and be relevant to the content of your email.


  • Please comment …
  • Can I get your feedback on this?
  • Did you comment on it?
  • Did I miss your message

2. Keep your emails brief

This is not where you sell your reader, Bob really hammered this home last night … this is not where you write your essay on the benefits of XYZ company or how much money you are making with XYZ Company.  This is not where you sell.

Your email is where you get your reader to take action!


SUBJECT: I posted  a new article and video for you …


Janet Legere here with a quick note
and request to comment on my latest
blog post and video.

You can comment here:

We Are Updating

The comments section is just below the
video and post.  I look forward to reading

Skype me at janetlegere and let’s talk.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere

P.S.  You really want to get there
to comment before the masses ok?

We Are Updating

and thanks in advance!

The purpose of your email is to direct your reader to your website where you can let your website do the “selling”.  I recommend your “selling” begins with a recommendation on your blog.  Let your reader learn from someone using the product or service you want to promote.  Let your reader hear your experience.   Let your reader learn more about you and who you are … this builds that Know, Like and Trust factor that is critical to your growing success.

3.  Keep your content fresh

Your readers need to hear from you often and with fresh content.  Plan to post on your blog 2 to 3 times a week, accompany each post with a Video and a quick note out to your lists with a short email about your post.

Things to write about:

Products and services you use

If you are with GVO, this is easy … you could write an entire series of posts on each of the products that are part of your membership in GVO.  Examples:  You could do a post on the importance of having your own domain and your own blog.  You could do a post on the Video Conferencing, you could do one on the GVO eResponder and building your list.

You could write about your experience with the products you use from your Primary MLM.  Example:   You could write about a supplement you take and the changes you noticed since taking it.  You could write about the experience you are having with the MLM you belong to.

You can also write about what you learn here, after all … your entire experience here online is a  learning experience.  I learn something new every day, it’s why I love this environment.

If you run out of things to write about, come back here for more ideas 🙂

In conclusion … I just want to say this, email marketing does work.   It is my main method to build my business and appear on the leader board of any program I promote.

You can do it do … with a bit of focus on building your list and mastering the art of branding YOU online.

Add me to Skype and let’s talk about how I can help you brand you online.  It’s simpler than you think.

My Skype ID is janetlegere and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Have a great day!

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

Michael Jordan – Listen, as a member of Team Bob Yeager, I had the privilege to learn “PROPER” list building techniques from Mrs. “list builder” herself yesterday during a live webinar. I have learned the correct methods for proper list building which will lead to me having my own list, not just a list. These are the types of trainings that we receive with Team Bob Yeager. Thanks Janet, Michael”Ground”Jordan

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