Does Email Marketing Work?

Does Email Marketing Work?

Does Email Marketing Work?

Great question, eh? I was on a call with Bob Yeager on Tuesday and he talked about email marketing dos and don’ts and it caused me to reflect on my own email marketing.

People will tell you email marketing is dead, that it just does not work with spam filters and isp’s blocking emails. It’s a crazy world online.

I’m here to tell you that email marketing does work and it works well. Email marketing is the mainstay of my business and what I teach here online.

Done correctly, email marketing can be very effective and is effective for those who use it responsibly.

So how does one practice responsible email marketing?

1. Use a simple catchy subject

Your email is rather useless if someone doesn’t open it … agreed?  Like your email body, your subject is NOT where you sell your reader. Your subject needs to attract attention and be relevant to the content of your email.


  • Please comment …
  • Can I get your feedback on this?
  • Did you comment on it?
  • Did I miss your message

2. Keep your emails brief

This is not where you sell your reader, Bob really hammered this home last night … this is not where you write your essay on the benefits of XYZ company or how much money you are making with XYZ Company.  This is not where you sell.

Your email is where you get your reader to take action!


SUBJECT: I posted  a new article and video for you …


Janet Legere here with a quick note
and request to comment on my latest
blog post and video.

You can comment here:

The comments section is just below the
video and post.  I look forward to reading

Skype me at janetlegere and let’s talk.

Have a great day,

Janet Legere

P.S.  You really want to get there
to comment before the masses ok?

and thanks in advance!

The purpose of your email is to direct your reader to your website where you can let your website do the “selling”.  I recommend your “selling” begins with a recommendation on your blog.  Let your reader learn from someone using the product or service you want to promote.  Let your reader hear your experience.   Let your reader learn more about you and who you are … this builds that Know, Like and Trust factor that is critical to your growing success.

3.  Keep your content fresh

Your readers need to hear from you often and with fresh content.  Plan to post on your blog 2 to 3 times a week, accompany each post with a Video and a quick note out to your lists with a short email about your post.

Things to write about:

Products and services you use

If you are with GVO, this is easy … you could write an entire series of posts on each of the products that are part of your membership in GVO.  Examples:  You could do a post on the importance of having your own domain and your own blog.  You could do a post on the Video Conferencing, you could do one on the GVO eResponder and building your list.

You could write about your experience with the products you use from your Primary MLM.  Example:   You could write about a supplement you take and the changes you noticed since taking it.  You could write about the experience you are having with the MLM you belong to.

You can also write about what you learn here, after all … your entire experience here online is a  learning experience.  I learn something new every day, it’s why I love this environment.

If you run out of things to write about, come back here for more ideas 🙂

In conclusion … I just want to say this, email marketing does work.   It is my main method to build my business and appear on the leader board of any program I promote.

You can do it do … with a bit of focus on building your list and mastering the art of branding YOU online.

Add me to Skype and let’s talk about how I can help you brand you online.  It’s simpler than you think.

My Skype ID is janetlegere and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Have a great day!

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

Michael Jordan – Listen, as a member of Team Bob Yeager, I had the privilege to learn “PROPER” list building techniques from Mrs. “list builder” herself yesterday during a live webinar. I have learned the correct methods for proper list building which will lead to me having my own list, not just a list. These are the types of trainings that we receive with Team Bob Yeager. Thanks Janet, Michael”Ground”Jordan

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62 Replies to “Does Email Marketing Work?”

  1. That’s so true! E-mail marketing works so well if done correctly. It’s the heartbeat of my online business, it’s how I’m building my list and bringing more members to the programs I promote. However, when you send out and email to “your” list just be yourself and build a relationship with your prospects, let the selling for your advertisements out there on the net. 😉

  2. Yes email marketing works if you do it right, you have to build a relationaship with your readers and they will buy from you, the more they know about you the bettter your list will work.

  3. E-mail marketing is really the way to go Janet and it is far from dead. It helps with building great relationships with others. By far, I learned from both you and Bob Yeager that one should not be selling at all with e-mail marketing,it is a relationship tool. Thanks Janet for this video. God bless you.

  4. Great information as is your usual. Converion rates will definetly depend on click through of an ad, subject line and body text have to be catchy. Average open rate of ads are 3.85% and most of those people scroll down to get their credits and click back to inbox for another ad. Conversion rates can as low as .025%. (1 per 4000) Which is why I became one of their competitors.

  5. I don’t believe that Email Marketing is dead.
    Janet is right about what you have to do to keep it alive. She is very Helpful in helping anyone with a Problem with just about anything connected with Online Marketing.
    Bottom Line Is, Email Marketing does work.

  6. Great Video, Like and email should be short and to the point, while still causing the action of reading the article. If people would just think about all the long emails they either delete or skim to see if there is an action to take they would realize that people appreciate not having you waste their time.

  7. Hi Janet.

    To say the least the list (email addresses of opt-ins) is an Internet marketers biggest asset. Email marketing is still the best and freest way to get our messages started.

    I agree with you that the email should be short and brief and it’s purpose is to get the reader to our sales pages. I have read many email that put me to sleep so before i do that here to you I will end this.

    Happy marketing.

  8. Hello Janet,
    Thank you for this excellent post.
    Great tips!

    Now i need to make some changes in my letters and make it a little short. 😉

  9. Geez…I hope it works…I expending alot of energy trying to get set-up for it…

    Thanks for the tips…they are very helpful…

    Great conference call last Sat…

    Take Care…

  10. Janet, I completely agree with you about email marketing. I think the biggest mistake people make is to use the email ad to make the sale, rather than using it to spark interest. 🙂

  11. Thank you for your message.
    I am a retired 81 years old real estate agent.
    Every thing that I want to join has to be free as
    an affiliate because I am on a small budget without a credit card.
    Since the past 5 years I have tried to make money
    on the Internet and had a few sales but was never
    paid as the owners closed their website before paying me.
    Since then I have found yours as a free member and have generated close to 14,000 hits with 55 who have joined.
    I am also with Joel Therrien as an affiliate.
    And have joined most of your suggestions.
    Andre Gagnon

  12. I know it works! I am having great success from following your tips Janet! My list is growing and almost half of my new subscribers are from email marketing. I do put ALOT of thought into my subject line. I notice that too many people use copy ad as well, so I always change mine up so that’s it’s different. I believe that the massive amount of copy cat ads is what makes people think email marketing doesn’t work. Bottom line…if you put nothing in you get nothing from it.

  13. Janet,
    Thanks for the tips. I’d gotten away from
    using emails to promote but after seeing your video and reading your message I’m going to incorporate email marketing in my business.
    Again, thanks.

  14. Janet.
    Thomas Dye ! Here ,
    I think You do a great job explaining things
    in a simple to understand manner.
    I am a Titanium Member of GVO. I always when I sign-up someone is to get right back to them with an email letting them know that I will help them any way I can And then follow-up with another email with an 11 Autoresponder
    follow-up messages to use in Their prospector
    auto-Res- Just to help them get going.
    All they have to do Is change my Url To Their’s , I do that so it will get them up and running faster and become more valuable to me and the whole system.
    I think GVO Is going to be saving a lot of peoples personal economy once they see all the
    benefits at GVO And how good the company and Joel & Mike And The whole staff how they treat everyone.
    Also The support staff Is 5 star Operation
    they always get back to you and really help you out quickly.
    Well Thank You.
    Thomas Dye

  15. Hello Janet:

    I listened to you when you had training with NRR and enjoyed them a lot. I am not having any luck with email marketing.
    I have a good company that is stable and a good
    product. I am not doing something right.
    I won’t give up.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Leonard Benzel
    Skype leonard_benzel

  16. Thank your attention is important
    I have edited some blogs and sites, do not know. make money in my programs
    work long hours.
    Since March 2010, just hours will be small. sales job delivery, the night studying.
    age 63 years, I am studying, middle level. Next step will be

  17. Wow! If I had just met you months and months ago, I wouldn’t have spent $$$ and hours with little progress. Since I met you, I’ve turned things around. Every time I hear you, another light goes on and I say – I’ve been doing it all wrong – I’ve been listening to the wrong people. You make it all so simple and easy.
    Even my mascot, Loco, can follow your instructions.

    Thanks tons,

    – Ralph Lyon
    Founder, The Massive Giving Group

    Got and IM Question?

  18. E-mail marketing works the same way my Total Gym works. It’s effective if I get off my butt and “DO IT” according to which muscels you want to tone.
    So yes E-mail marketing works. There’s billions of people out there.


  19. I am still in the process of learning about email marketing. I think that you are a very good teacher of internet marketing, and I love to read your emails. I think that email marketing is the way to go.


  20. Thanks Janet, excellent points. It amazes me how many people do pack their emails with tons of info.

    I am surprised that you didn’t touch on another feature as important as ‘Personalization’ – even in your example. Using a proper email service (autoresponder) that offers personalization is key. People will generally respond better to emails with their name in it – they feel as though you are speaking directly to them.

    Bill Darton

  21. Hi Janet,
    I think it sounds easy, but when I go to do it, it gets a little harder.
    If I run into trouble, I’ll revert back to your BLOG, hows that.
    Good Job Janet, your words are inspiring.
    See Ya!
    Dean Hamblin

  22. Great article, Janet. I joined one of the lists that you suggested and it works great. I make full use of it.

  23. Hi Janet
    I really can’t say if e-mail marketing cos well I have really no eb site or one or more splash pages or landing pages but I do hear that it does build your list but with out one does t really work with no web sites cos you know you can’t build ones and yout freinds never join a thing you ask them for .
    Thanks Janet

  24. You’re right, as always your advice is precious.
    Always caught my attention short emails right to the point and addressed personally
    As always you are the best.

  25. Janet, great job and spot on as always!

    I am one of those that loves the explamation point on subject lines.. I will turn it into a question mark????? Thanks fo rthe great tip.

  26. Email marketing works. I use it every day with my free and paid advertising programs. As usual, you give us great tips and always encourage us to just be ourselves when it comes to promoting.

    Karen Gates

  27. I happen to think that email marketing can be a great source of income if you can remember to help those who signed up to your list and not just think of putting money in your pocket.


  28. Way to go, Janet! Another great video and post with great information.

    For all of you wondering what to do to make money online … I have the answer for you:


    Works For ME!!!

  29. Hello Janet,
    You really are the best. Hope you never get tired of hearing
    I completely agree with you about email marketing. Too many of us want to get “married before we date”, which is what I call when people want to sell me “STUFF” in their subject line.

    I don’t think there has ever been a time when I did not open an email from you.
    Because I would never ignore an email from a friend and that is how you come across.

    So, thanks for sharing and caring. I appreciate you tremendously.

    BTW, I have already joined Traffic2leads (It’s that great minds thing again)lol!

    Bye for now, Janet!


  30. Yes, you are correct Janet, internet marketing works, it reaches many who have never thought to use internet marketing as a tool to build their online business. In this day and age with computer businesses, it is important to reach people on a level they understand, that is “comfort zone” when you begin your email contact it is important to address the person on a one on one, “hi Sue or Joe” it makes them feel special like you know them personally. Also nice when you wish them the best, and hope they continue to use all the internet tools available. Thanks for all your valuable information, keep up the good work Janet.

  31. Hi Janet,
    When I read your comments I find that I think
    about email marketing with the same goal.
    But my picture is not like yours, this one is
    in your best so far.
    Andre Gagnon

  32. E-mail marketing is really the way to go Janet and it is far from dead. It helps with building great relationships with others. By far, I learned from both you and Bob Yeager that one should not be selling at all with e-mail marketing,it is a relationship tool. Thanks Janet for this video. God bless you.

  33. One reason everyone needs to use email marketing is that the return on investment (ROI) is 43 to 1. It does take some practice to get it right and lots of testing but keeping it short and sweet like Janet suggest is great. And of course don’t forget to have your call to action in each and every email 😉


  34. Janet
    Thomas Dye Here, This is a very impressive blog
    it’s well put together and very informative everything explained well in video format ,and text & navigation site maps easy to navigate.

    Very Nicely Done
    Thank You
    Thomas Dye

  35. This subject being of extreme importance to me I had to watch your video again. Excellent presentation, short and to the point. Whether we consider List email or member database email, your points are right on. Subject line is the invitation to open the ad. Ad copy is the invitation to click the link. Simple strategy…get people to the website in the ad. Track everything, opens, clicks, conversions and blocks.
    Thanks again Janet for pressing this issue.

  36. Hi Janet,
    Welcome back and glad you’re feeling better.
    Great post as usual!
    The debate about email marketing is simplified when you stress “if done responsibly”. It works well if you doing well.
    Thanks again for keeping us on track!

  37. Hi Janet:
    First of all I want to tell that I enjoy watching your videos.
    Your tips and suggestions are simple and to the point. I like them because they make a lot of sense and they are so logical that I find asking myself, why didn’t I think of that? I’m a person who looks at things from a logical point of view and your ideas make a lot of sense to me.
    Thank You, Keep up the good work,
    John Greco

  38. You’re absolutely right, Janet… email marketing does still work when done properly. I have been using it for years and continue to use it quite effectively. Thanks for your blog.

  39. Thanks for the good advice. I have been coming up with some ideas for my blogs and now you have given me a method to point people to my blogs.

  40. Hi Janet: I am just learning and gettint ready to join you at GVO. As far as I heard email marketing it is like making cold calls and if there is an effective methond about it , I will like to learn .

    Thanks for your information.
    God bless you


  41. Hi Janet, I always like your video’s. And I know for a fact I don’t like long email’s. But I would like to know more about branding myself. I’m on eastern standard time and I work at night so I miss alot of the live call’s. But I would like to get your opinion on my primary site. I am a member of GVO,Leadgusher,EFB, and a few more. I do have some blogs up but not successful. When would be a good time to chat with you concerning my problems. Thanks in advance.

  42. Hi Claudia,

    I’m happy to help you and the best way to reach me is on Skype ok? My Skype ID is janetlegere.

    Chat soon, make it a great day,

    Janet Legere

  43. Hi Janet:
    This is Shash. I want to learn everything
    about to create a blog. Where would I get
    that enough? I joined Prospect Geyser but
    did not go far enough. I like your comments
    about email marketing. I want to do my
    email marketing more effective. I’m looking
    for your guidance.

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