The New Rich Report

The New Rich Report

Dick And Jane Learn About The New Rich Report

Ok, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and help everyone understand what it is you are doing here.

My phone is ringing off the hook and my inbox is overflowing with people asking the same questions over and over and over … and my response to all their questions is the same.

I feel like one of those Dick and Jane novels.   “Login and follow Step One” … understand the system first!

Whether you are working with our own New Rich Report system or you are working with XYZ system or ABC system, the process is the same.

Dick and Jane Learn About The New Rich Report

Do you remember Dick and Jane?  They were very simple novels that taught us to read.  Just like the Dick and Jane novels we remember from our childhood’s, I want to make this very simple.  I want to teach you how this work.   If you understand how it works and what you are supposed to do then it will be easier to do.  If it’s easier to do, you are more likely to do it.  If you do it … you will succeed!

Here are some of the things a system is going to do for you:

1.  You will use the system to build a list

2.  The system will offer you your own affiliate website that collects names and email addresses of visitors to your website (just like this one where they can request a free copy of the New Rich Report.

3.  The system will teach you how to get those visitors to your new affiliate website (all our training is offered in a step by step day to day fashion accompanied by weekly calls held online)

4.  The system will offer a downline builder where you can enter your affiliate information so that your new affiliates that you will refer will join those programs with you as their sponsor.  This will help to fund your online marketing.  If you are not familiar with what  downline builder is, you will learn about it through the New Rich Report.

Here is what you will experience when you visit my New Rich Report Website

1.  You will fill out a form at the New Rich Website to receive a copy of our New Rich Report – this report will explain all about how to use a system like the New Rich system to attract prospects for your primary business while funding your advertising.

2.  When you submit your form, you will be directed to a One Time offer to get your own New Rich system for free and begin to build your own list of prospects just by giving away our free report

3.  You will click the button to signup for your own New Rich system.  You will fill out the form, create a username and password and create your free account.

4.  You will be logged in directly to the members area where you will click on the BIG RED BUTTON that says STEP ONE Quick Start Setup Guide.


5.  You will click on the link to read the New Rich Report

6.  You will click on the link to listen to the recording with Joel Broughton as he explains how the New Rich Report system works and what a funded system is.

You will not move on until you have a good understanding of the system .. the report will explain it in detail and Joel’s recording will help you understand how it all works.  It’s vital that you read the report and listen to the recording.

7.  You will return to STEP ONE Quick Start Setup Guide and begin to follow the 4 parts of Step One.

a.  Funded proposal:  GDI – Global Domains International.

You will click your sponsors link to join GDI for the free 7-day trial ($10/month) then return to Part one and click edit to enter your GDI username.

OR, if you are already a member, you will click EDIT and enter your GDI username (this is the username you use to login to your GDI members area).

b.  Secondary program:  GVOCOM – Global Virtual Opportunities.

Still in pre-launch, GVOCOM will house the New Rich Report auto-responder and connect the entire system.

You will click on your sponsors link to join GVOCOM for the $1, 14 day trial ($44.95/month) then return to Part 2 to click  EDIT and enter your GVOCOM username.

OR if you are already a member of GVOCOM you will click EDIT to enter your username.

c.  Your Primary Business

This is where you will connect with your sponsor and find out what their primary business is.   Visit their website and consider partnering with your sponsor.  They are using the New Rich System because it works for them and it will work for you.

If you decide to join your sponsor’s business, you will return to Part C and click the EDIT link to enter your new Primary Business website.  Your sponsor will assist you with this section.

If you already have a Primary Business you will click the EDIT link to enter the website address of your business.

d.  Monetizing your list with Clickbank

Monetizing your list simply means .. making money from your subscribers.  With the new rich report system we do this by offering ClickBank Information products that will help to educate your prospects on topics of interest.  This process is automated for you through the automated messages that are part of the sytem.

All you need to do is enter your Clickbank username and if you do not have one, you can register to create a clickbank account.

Click EDIT to enter your Click Bank username.

You are now setup …

You are now ready to begin learning how to advertise your website.  Just like setting up your New Rich system, advertising is a process you need to learn.

By now, you should have a good understanding of how the New Rich Report system works, why it works and how it will work for you.

If you focus your attention on learning to advertise your New Rich websites, you will attract visitors who will turn into subscribers, who will turn into members, who will join GDI under you, who will join GVOCOM under you, who will join your primary business with you and who will purchase clickbank products from you.

And then they will learn to advertise their New Rich websites and start the cycle all over again.

By now, you should be seeing the absolute power of this simple system.  Combine the system with our live training and support and you have the perfect solution to helping you learn to use the Internet to attract prospects for your business.

I hope this helps!  It ‘s written with your best interests at heart.

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert
List Building Expert
The New Rich Report

Not yet a member of the New Rich Report?  Seasoned or Newbie can benefit from this excellent resource.  Get your free copy here:

DesktopLightning – Click Here For Free Traffic

9 Replies to “The New Rich Report”

  1. Thanks again Janet. You always have a way to explain things so that it becomes crystal clear. I am so blessed to be able to be mentored by you.

  2. Thank you Janet you have made everything so simple for me that I am so glad to have you as a mentor and that comes from the bottom of my heart. And because of your simple instructions I am now 7 levels on the new rich report Leader board.

    Thank you again Janet

    Donna Gain

  3. Thanks Janet for the continued lesson. If you don’t mind, I will read it again. I can see where I am and my next step.

  4. I loved the article. Everything you said is so true. I broke down a purchase inexpensive web cam for my Lead Capture Page with EZ Video Producer and joined GVO for the 15 day trial. I am working on setting everything up.


  5. Yes it’s true that systems do work, it’s the people who don’t want or understand how to work it. This information is great. I’ve tried changing small things with results, not big results but results nevertheless. Thanks as usual Janet for you sharing your experience with us.
    ron Mottern

  6. Being a newbie to all about listbuilding, marketing online and practically everything to do with making money on the internet, this is another added to my list of many reads. I feel so overwhelmed by all the information to begin a marketing business but I feel with all the great information being thrust upon me I will be on my way in no time and with all the valuable information you send me Janet; I know I will succeed. Janet your being one of the more experienced marketers out there, I value your information, please keep them coming.

  7. I am a newbie to the list building also, and practically everything to do with making money on the internet. I have searched and searched, and have not made money as of yet.
    I will say this New Rich System sure looks like the real thing, maybe I can get ahead with this one. I will sure give it a try, and to remember that quitters never win, only winners never quit.
    Thanks for your coaching and teaching these how to use this system.

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