Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Sisel

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Sisel

Sisel International with Tom Mower

I remember the day Gerry called to introduce us to Sisel and to Tom Mower.  I remember sitting across Tom’s desk in his office, admiring everything about the man.  He is a brilliant scientist with a knowledge and passion for Network Marketing.  I knew that day when we sat with Tom that we would be impressed and we ARE!  That meeting took place in October 2010 … watch the video below to see where we are today and why YOU want to be part of this great Company.  Together we can improve your health and your wealth and even find a bit more happiness along the way.

Clay play to enjoy this video with Tom Mower of Sisel International

Sisel International Pays You To Share The Health

As 3 Star Masters in Sisel International, Don and I can tell you that Sisel pays well. We are qualified for the Car Bonus and shopping for our new car as I write this … stay tuned to see it!

Check out the rest of Sisel and Join our family today

It’s only $20 to become a distributor!

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