Create Income From Home

Create Income From Home

Welcome to JUNE!

We just completed our first full month of the EFB 2.0 system and I thought I’d share some of the statistics and show you how you can create an income from home by following our simple steps and simple strategies.

The fact is, if you know what the statistics are and you want to increase results, all you need to do is increase the visitors to your site!

We are very excited about the results we are seeing with Earth Friendly Biz. Below you will find that statistics from May.

When a visitor comes to our Earth Friendly Biz website and fills in the form on the first page, they become a lead and are introduced to our 3 main programs, Lead Gusher, GVO and List Joe. They are then encouraged to become a member of Earth Friendly Biz and get their own free prospecting system.

Here are the numbers for new members and upgades

  • 30% of the leads will join Lead Gusher and 20% will upgrade
  • 10% of the leads will join GVO and 30% will upgrade
  • 15% of the leads will join List Joe and 20% will upgrade

What does this mean to you in dollars?

Well, let’s assume that you bring 100 leads into your EFB system, this is very reasonable.

100 Leads in your EFB System will produce the following

  • 30 Lead Gusher members; 6 will upgrade earning you 6 X $22.50 = 135.00
  • 10 GVO members; 3 will upgrade earning you 3 X $22.47 = $67.41
  • 15 List Joe members; 3 will upgrade earning you 3 X $100 = $300.00
  • 40 EFB members; 4 will upgrade earning you 4 X $9.99 = $39.96 per month

Let’s add that up

$135.00 Leadgusher

$ 67.42 GVO

$300.00 List Joe

$ 39.96 EFB


$542.48 Total Income from 100 Leads

Your Costs?

Lead Gusher = $49.00 one time fee

GVO = $1 for 14 days then $44.95 per month

List Joe = $197.00 one time offer

EFB = $1 for 30 days then $49.95

Total Investment (First month)

$49.00 Lead Gusher

$ 1.00 GVO

$197.00 List Joe

$ 1.00 EFB


$248.00 Total First Month

Assuming you will sponsor 100 leads your first month, your net income will be

$ 542.48

$ 248.00


$298.48 net income!

Now let’s talk about what will happen over time if you continue to sponsor 100 Leads into EFB each month.

In Month 1, you earned a net of $298.48

Month 2 expenses:

$44.95 GVO

$49.95 EFB


$94.90 Total Monthly Cost

2nd month

100 Leads = %542.48 in total Commissions


Residual income added

$ 6.81 (3 Members from previous month X $2.27 GVO)

$ 39.96 (4 Members from previous month X $9.99 EFB)






– $94.90 (Monthly Cost second month)



Ok … so we’ve been in Earth Friendly Biz for two months now, generated 200 Leads and earned a total of $792.83 (after expenses).

Let’s do this for one more month!

In our Third month with another 100 leads the following will happen:


$93.54 (residual income will increase every month!)



– $94.90



So let’s add this up

$298.48 (Month 1)

$494.35 (Month 2)

$541.12 (Month 3)



Not bad net income for a 3 month period!

Are these figures realistic?

ABSOLUTELY and the statistics hold true throughout the system.

This income that you can create from home is absolutely doable and we haven’t even talked about the other income streams – imagine the potential!

What to do now?

Login to your EFB members area at and begin following the Getting Started Checklist. It is your key to making all of this Internet Marketing work and the key to creating an income from home.

Not a member of EFB, we’d be happy to sponsor you and teach you how to duplicate our results.

Our team is here to help YOU make this work. The number prove it works … all you have to do is what we teach you to do 🙂

Happy Marketing,

Janet Legere
Earth Friendly Biz

Learn to Create Income From Home with Earth Friendly Biz

2 Replies to “Create Income From Home”

  1. Always great info on your posts…I have learnt some awesome stuff from your list building training. You inspire me.
    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Great info Janet. Numbers and stats don’t lie and these stats are compelling! You keep making EFB better and better.

    You ROCK!
    Deb Lane,
    Marketers Edge

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