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I love days like today when I wake up to emails like the one I’m about to share with you here.  This is a regular occurrence here at New Rich Report.  Those who follow our simple system do see results.  Anderson was kind enough to write in an share his experience with the New Rich system.

Hello Janet!

I had chatted with you on skype the other day but today I had to send you this and share a little bit more with you about the good experience I am having with the New Rich Report.

Today I realized that the so aspired dream I had of “making money while you sleep” has finally come true, I woke up this morning and while having my coffee I decided to turn on my laptop and check what had happened during the night, logged into the NRR and my e-mail and There it was… 5 new NRR members, 2 GVO, 1 GDI and 1 in my primary (Empowerism(.com), which I had never been able to sell a subscription before and up to today I have sold 3 thanks to NRR) , W@@W I almost chocked when I saw that!! I had been experiencing this on the last few days but this was the first time I had signups in all the programs in one night. I left home to work with a big smile on my face =)

I have been online for exactly 9 months and 24 days now, it was one of my new years resolutions for 2009, during all this time I tried several programs and I failed with all of them because I didn’t know how to advertise… that until mid July when I found Donna (and you) on AdlandPro and was introduced to the Earth Friendly Biz. Do you believe I didn’t even know what a safelist was?! I remember I signed with List Joe that night and in the next morning my inbox was full of e-mails, I wondered what the heck that was and started deleting all those messages (little did I know that soon it would be me who would be sending them). I had also decided that would be my last try and then it turn out to be the beginning of everything…

I had spent a lot of money on e-books and programs, some were legitimate and some were scams (they really were, their website are deactivated today), among those legitimate there were really good ones with awesome compensation plan, banners and other tools but none of them taught me what I should do to advertise and there was where I failed.

This month until now I got 20 (active) GVO signups, a few are still in the 14 days trial but after that is over that will be more than $440 in fast-start bonus commissions, may not be so much compared to those of heavy hitters but for someone who had never made a dime online it’s a good reason to set off fireworks! I’ve been putting a lot of efforts on it, I get home from college every night and start working on my advertising and other mechanical activities we do, but all of this efforts are paying off and I make sure I don’t waste one minute of my time.

Well I think that’s all for now, I just needed to share this with someone. If we were babies you would be the one taking us by the hand and teaching us how to walk…

God bless You & Don, Donna and those who are helping me in some way…

Thanks for all!

Anderson Goncalves =)

Anderson is no different than you or I.  Anyone really can do this and Anderson found the secret … if you learn to use the tools and resources that are part of the systems, and you learn to advertise, you can see the same result.s

Consistency and persistence are what make all the difference here.

1.  Use a system that is simple and works

2.  Setup your system

Enter your affiliate ids where suggested

3.  Advertise your system

This is where the training comes in … follow the system, learn to advertise and you will also see the same results as Anderson.

Are you using the New Rich System?  Share your comments and feedback here, others would love to hear from you.

Happy Marketing!

Have a great day,

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

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