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Does The Free Fan Page System Really Work?

Does The Free Fan Page System Really Work?

The Fan Page System – Does it work?

A question asked by many doubters, does the free system really work? The truth is, it really does. The Fan Page system from GVO creator, Joel Therien, is nothing short of brilliant.

The Free Fan Page System takes advantage of the billions of users on Facebook by allowing you to share posts and earn points toward paid members in your downline.

As a free member of the Free Fan Page System, you can build a list of 500 subscribers, absolutely free!

But, I caution you … free members DO upgrade and unless YOU upgrade too, you will not earn commissions.

You can build a list but you cannot earn an income as a free member.

Let’s talk numbers!

On average, we are seeing a 3 to 5% upgrade ratio which means, for every 100 subscribers you MAY see 3 to 5 upgraded members.

Let’s do some math and assume you sponsor 4 upgraded members through promoting the Fan Page System.

4 upgraded members would earn you $24.95 X4 the first month then $12.47 each month thereafter.

4 X $24.95 = $99.80

4 X 12.47 = 49.88 PER month

Your cost to upgrade?

The cost to upgrade is $24.95 per month to purchase the Pure Leverage Suite of tools which includes 10,000 Subscriber list, unlimited campaigns, a My Own Meeting Conference room, Video hosting and more, PLUS $19.97 per month to become a Re-seller and earn commissions.

Total cost per month = $44.92

Earnings with 4 Members $49.88 per month (plus the $99.80 first month)

With just 4 upgraded members, your suite of tools is paid for and you are well on your way to earning a substantial income from the Free Fan Page System!

Daily Core Commitments

The secret behind the Fan Page System is following the Daily Core Commitments which are detailed in the members area. Free Fan Page System members can accumulate points which will be applied towards earning paid members once they upgrade.

Only Paid members of the system will earn Paid members through following the Daily Core Commitments.

3 Times a day, members will …

  1. Love a post on the Joel Therien Fan Page
  2. Comment on a post
  3. Share the post on their timeline

Members earn points for activities. A Minimum of 80 points is required in the 7 day period to earn leads and paid members.

The Fan Page System Works!

After much testing, it is our conclusion that the Fan Page System works and works very well.

Try it out today, but remember, don’t stay free too long as you don’t want to miss any of those 100% commissions you have coming your way.

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‘Contact List Builder’ training and mentoring program.  As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal brand with CLB.  Visit  or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype for information on how you can benefit too

Janet Legere Speaks Out About Joel Therien and GVO

Janet Legere Speaks Out About Joel Therien and GVO

A Review of GVO Then and Now

The Good Old Days

I remember the good old days of Kiosk, hosting, super-responder, FFA leads.  It was a great system and well ahead of its time back in 2000.

I used the FFA leads to feed my subscriber list and it worked very well.  I taught others how to use the system and how to build their list using the FFA leads.

Then the worst thing happened.  In 2003, The technology company we were using went under and we were left high and dry for our live webinars. There were very few options available and Joel Therien’s Hot Conference fit the bill nicely!

Hot Conference Technology To The Rescue

In comes Hot Conference. Now, I have to admit it was really rough in the early days. The rooms were always crashing, people had challenges downloading the plugins. They were not very user friendly however, when they worked, they worked exceptionally well and the Hot Conference technology helped us continue on with our business.

We came to know Joel Therien and the crew personally, many of whom are still with Joel today! That in itself is a testament to the commitment Joel gives to his members.

In all the years I’ve known Joel, he’s been true to his word and always honest with his members … even when things don’t turn out as he had intended which often happened.

There have been good times and bad times and Joel has always been there to support us and we in turn have supported him.

The GVO Umbrella

When Joel announced the idea of GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities, I thought it couldn’t get any better. He’d managed to take all the “work” out of what I was teaching by providing a one stop resource for online business.  

Hosting, Video Hosting, Video Web Conferencing, Professional Auto-Responder and more all under ONE roof!  

And to make it even better there was a compensation plan to match! But that wasn’t enough, not long after GVO was well established, Joel decided to capitalize on the Internet Market with Pure Leverage and I admit, Pure Leverage is PURE GENIUS!

At last there was a package where the average marketer could be up and running their business, building their list and blogging in a few simple steps. The compensation plan was very lucrative and caused a huge sensation throughout the Internet.

But Joel did not stop there … he always has his customers best interests at heart and his crowning achievement came out in late 2014 with Got Backup; a simple yet powerful online backup system that is truly unique! Unique due to the simplicity of setting it up and using it and unique in that you get paid to refer others to Back up!

Stability Builds Trust

Over the past 15 years, Joel and his team have always been there for us.  

Has it been an easy ride?  No.  Have there been challenges?  Yes.  Has Joel made mistakes along the way?  YES!

And with all the hurdles, challenges and mistakes, Joel has been there to support his members and over come any challenges that present themselves.  

Has business improved?  OH YES!  

It’s been an honour to be part of the growth of this company and an honour to call Joel Therien my friend. 15 years of service helping us grow our online business – that’s Joel Therien and that’s why I support and recommend all the products that are part of the GVO umbrella!

The GVO Umbrella of companies can create an income stream for you that will be very lucrative! Start with GVO/Host Then Profit at $9.97 a month

Upgrade from inside Host Then Profit to Pure Leverage and signup as a Reseller. Your cost is $24.95 for the product suite and $19.95 for the Reseller fee. If you are confident you can follow the steps to setup and promote Pure Leverage then consider upgrading to VIP to open your full potential. VIP is an additional $97.00 per month.

Upgrade from inside GVO/Host Then Profit to Got Backup. Choose from any of the packages available, for as little as $7.99 a month to protect all your data. As a Pure Leverage Reseller, you qualify as a Reseller for Got Backup too.  So now you have THREE income sources with ONE company!

Happy Marketing!


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‘Contact List Builder’ training and mentoring program.  As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal braind with CLB.  Visit  or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype for information on how you can benefit too.

The Work in Network Marketing

The Work in Network Marketing

Working in Network Marketing

This is a heart felt message from Joel Therien of GVO/Pure Leverage:

I think a lot of people forgot the word WORK in Network Marketing…

Its not called…

Net “lazy” Marketing


Net “sit on the couch” Marketing


Net “Do Nothing” Marketing

What is really cool, is that over 1500 people are making a great income at GVO &

And there is only one difference between those making money and those that are not..

The ones making any sort of income decided that they WERE GOING TO TRULY WORK THE BUSINESS at least 2 hours per week minimum.

I’m not here to insult your intelligence. The more hours you put in the more hours you get back.

Here is what is very, very different about what we do!

Ready? Like Really Ready!!

We focus on REAL products and services that consumers and businesses need in the marketplace at truly 1/10th the cost!!

We can do it at 1/10th the cost because we own and operate everything that we do!

We own:

>> the data center and servers our software runs on
>> all our software
>> all our source code
>> how WHOLE infrastructure
>> Our services are essential tools that have no shipping and no handling

What does that mean?

>> no one is “third party” for amazing support
>> with no shipping the WHOLE WORLD is your market!

So what are the tools we provide?

Great question!

We truly provide all the tools ANY business needs to succeed online. It does not matter if it is a Network Marketer, a Brick and Mortar Business or a professional like a Doctor or Lawyer.

You can sell and collect 100% commission with your team on:

>> Web Hosting
>> A professional auto responder
>> A video streaming and email service
>> A Done For You lead capture system
>> A professional audio and video live conference room
>> Top notch coaching from multi million dollar earners online!

So look, if you are a Net “sit on the couch” Marketer

Then its time to take this serious and become a Net “WORK” Marketer

Here is why you need to take action!

>> You can get started now for $1.00 for 30 days!
>> You can resell all our products and collect 100% commissions!
>> The whole world is your market
>> It is a system completely done for you and proven
>> You again collect 100% commission but we do ALL the work and support!

Get Started today for $1.00 and become a true Professional Network Marketer with me!

It is only $1.00! for a full 30 days!

Joel Therien, CEO
GVO, Pure Leverage, Got Backup

I have to agree with Joel Therien on this and encourage you to grab the $1 trial right now.  I promise you will be glad you did!

I am confident that together, we can help YOU create the success you are looking for.  Let’s make it happen now!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

Learn the Strategies of Successful Internet Marketers
Through The Contact List Builder, we show you HOW to use all these great tools to build your list and create your personal brand.  Come join the Team Who Cares!

Pure Leverage Then and Now

Pure Leverage Then and Now

In March of 2013, Dan Brown interviewed me about the newly released Pure Leverage program.

I remember this interview and how excited I was back then… guess what? Pure Leverage is all that and more today!

Listen to this great interview from March 2013

Join Pure Leverage Now!

Not a member of Pure Leverage? Why ever not? Click the banner below to join now!

Pure Leverage Review

Pure Leverage Review

Janet Legere Reviews Pure Leverage


While it’s early days, the early days have certainly been exciting!

Pure Leverage is a complete suite of tools for the avid Internet Marketer!

  • Professional Auto-Responder
  • Professional Lead Capture Pages
  • Professional Video Email
  • Professional Web Conferencing
  • Professional Income

Yes, I said Professional Income!

When Joel Therien of GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities, explained what Pure Leverage was and how they were paying, I just about had a heart attack. I was so excited my skin vibrated.

Why am I excited?

Branding You and Your Business

Regardless of what your business is, you need to create a personal brand online. This is all about creating fame and part of what we teach at the Contact List Builder (CLB) Internet Marketing Training Center.

The Suite of Tools offered at Pure Leverage are everything a person needs to get started building a list and making money online. This fits perfectly with our training at CLB as it now offers our members a simple way to be up and running and building a list immediately. It literally takes 5 minutes to setup your Pure Leverage system.

When you follow the strategies we teach at CLB, you’ll soon see how Pure Leverage makes sense. List building is the most important aspect of Internet Marketing success.

Second to List Building is creating your Brand and with the new Authority Blog at Pure Leverage, you will be able to do just that! I am excited for the release of the blogging system as I know many active ‘bloggers’ who will take full advantage and we, at CLB, will help our members learn how to use the blogging system to continue their fame building and brand recognition.

Making Money with Pure Leverage

6814229-hand-writes-on-isolated-white-background-the-elements-of-the-extremely-popular-make-money-online-nicThose who know me know that I rarely talk money – I know that if you focus on building your list and following the strategies that we teach at CLB, you WILL make money. How much you make is up to you.

Until now … with Pure Leverage, we saw the perfect opportunity to add a Primary Income Program to Contact List Builder.

And so we set about to do just that.

Pure Leverage is now listed as the Primary Income Program in the Contact List Builder Downline Builder.  Through CLB, we will teach our members all the simple steps to setup and use the Pure Leverage system most effectively.

Their income will grow by default as they use the system.  As they learn to “feed their funnel”, they will see their list of subscribers grow along with their customers, re-sellers and VIP members at Pure Leverage.

When you refer someone to Pure Leverage as a customer, you earn 100% of their $24.95 fee and then the following month, you will earn 50% of their renewal AND if they upgraded to Re-Seller, you then earn 50% of what they earned that second month (residual only). If they upgrade to VIP, you earn 100% of the $97.00 and then 50% of the residual each month following.

So let’s say you sponsor Mary and Mary earns $1000 from renewals.  You would earn $500 JUST FROM MARY!

Imagine sponsoring 10 or 20 or 100 Mary’s?

It IS possible.

We’ll show you the simple steps to follow every day to get the results you need to drive your income skyward.

Build your list, create your brand and make money online  with the Contact List Builder and Pure Leverage.  A Purely Genius Partnership!


Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay from our Contact List Builder members only Webinar where I covered the simple steps to setup Pure Leverage.