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Changing Lives with Now Lifestyle

Changing Lives with Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle is Changing Lives!

I am on a mission to help change as many lives as I can, both health and wealth. Now Lifestyle is that vehicle that is helping us change lives in a big way.

The picture below is just since yesterday, my inbox is full every single day like this.

A simple program to help you get control of your health and an even simpler program to create an abundance of wealth for you AND your family.

Now Lifestyle IS Changing Lives and we want to help change yours.

You won’t find anything, anywhere that compares to this business. Add to it our Team2Profit steps and you have an all time winner.

Leaders are pouring in … and now it’s your turn too!

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Janet Legere Reviews Sherlock Nation

Janet Legere Reviews Sherlock Nation

Sherlock Nation And The Sherlock APP

It was in April of this year that I was approached by a complete stranger who found my blog post online while searching for The Conversion Pros. He was looking for someone who knew the system that could help him use the system for the program he was promoting.

I showed him how simple it would be to use The Conversion Pros to generate leads for his program.

He tried several times to get me to look more closely at the program and I used my standard response – “I’m sure it’s a great program and I can show you how to get leads for it.”. I really had no interest in another program at this point. With everything going on, I just didn’t see the fit.

And then I saw it – and I tell you, when that light bulb came on, I was SO excited! I couldn’t wait to make Sherlock Nation a part of our Contact List Builder system and start sharing it with my members.

A program that can add another income stream while helping you save money on everything you buy!

With this age of mobile technology, it made sense to make the most of this and include it in what we do.

Introducing Sherlock Nation and the Sherlock Shopping APP


When you become a Sherlock Nation Affiliate ($279 initial Fee then $49.95 a month), you gain access to an amazing tool that will surely change the way you do business. As a Sherlock Affiliate, you now have the ability to “brand” the Sherlock APP for YOUR business!

As you can see here, I have my APP branded to my Sisel Kaffe business and to my Contact List Builder business. This means that every time someone who downloaded my app uses it, they are introduced to my business before they gain access to the APP for their shopping needs.


The APP itself is quite brilliant in that it can search across many platforms and find you the best prices. The money you and your customers will save is outrageous!

The Shopping Sherlock App is amazing, I did a search for an offset patio umbrella at home depot; they start at $299. I did a search for the same offset patio umbrella on my Shopping Sherlock App, and the total price came to $112 and that price included the offset patio umbrellas base. That’s a saving of $187, WOW! ¬†Ricardo Weatherly

The APP, as powerful as it is, is only PART of the opportunity here at Sherlock Nation!

Get 4 Pay No More

The income opportunity is very lucrative and it’s simple to get into profit. It takes just 4 Sherlock Affiliates to be in profit and have your Monthly fees waived!


Enjoy this short yet powerful video on the Sherlock Nation opportunity

Because the APP Is free to download, it made perfect sense to add the Sherlock Nation Opportunity to our system and our members agree!

The Contact List Builder and Sherlock Nation

Together, these programs help feed each other. We use the Conversion Pros to setup captivating capture pages and bring leads through our funded system at Contact List Builder. Once in the system, we followup with the free APP and start building that important relationship.

The Contact List Builder and Sherlock Nation are a match made in heaven and a match that is going to increase your bottom line when you follow our simple steps.


I am excited to welcome you to the CLB Sherlock Family! Come join us today ūüėČ

Click Here To Download The Sherlock Nation Free Shopping APP


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‚ÄėContact List Builder‚Äô training and mentoring program.¬† As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal brand with CLB. ¬†Visit¬† ¬†or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype¬†for information on how you can benefit too




Janet Legere Reviews The Conversion Pros

Janet Legere Reviews The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros Delivers

Back in early December, 2015 I started testing a new Marketing system called The Conversion Pros (TCP). I was looking for something to replace another program that failed to deliver and when I saw this one, I was intrigued. Intrigued by it’s simplicity and it’s POWER!

Frankly, I was tired of complicated pay plans and owners trying to turn marketing systems into MLMs. With TCP the pay plan is simple. You get paid 50% for everyone you refer to the system. It’s a monthly commitment so you will earn 50% each month. Refer just two people and your system is free.

Sure, it would be nice if I could earn from my referrals however, I’d rather see my referrals successfully using the system for what it is intended which is to generate leads for YOUR business, ANY business.

So, I jumped in right away for the $1 trial and had a really good look around and what I saw impressed me. I did some testing and promoted the program itself and was happy with the returns (my system is now more than paid for each month).

I then went on to test the meat of the system which is the Capture page system. The training videos make setup SO easy and the system is really simple to use. Nothing complicated here. I believe that anyone could have a page up and running in no time.

Simply setup your “campaign” (they provide you with an auto-responder), then choose your video if you plan to use video, choose your template, edit the words, save and VOILA! Instant capture pages that are very professional.

Here are the results from two campaigns.

One of my business associates and fellow team members, Ricardo setup a campaign for his Club Shop Rewards business. In his first campaign he had 27 subscribers and over 20 new Trial Partners. 


From Ricardo:

Every time I send out my Clubshop Rewards LCP  from The Conversion Pros I get 3 to 5 signups, and out of those 3 to 5 signups at least 2 to 3 upgrade to  Trial Partner & submit their applications for full partner.

I created a Capture page for CLB following the same strategy I teach which is to direct the subscribers to the CLB Signup page after filling out the subscriber form. On my first mailing to about a dozen mailers my results in the first 12 hours were very encouraging.

  • 559 ‘hits’
  • 9 subscribers
  • 5 CLB members

UPDATE: As of January 14 I have 46 Leads and 26 CLB members and TWO upgrades resulting from ads sent out over three days to VIral Mailers!


Conclusion – it’s all about Conversions!

The Conversion Pros gets a THUMBS UP from me and has already been added to my funnel as a must have tool. You can start for $1 and see all the tools you get access to. They keep adding more tools as well without charging you more! Signup, let your friends know – get two help them get their two then use your system to generate leads for YOUR business!

I believe you will love this system as much as I do.

At the end of the day, I’ve added another income stream AND another resource to generate new members for my Contact List Builder training program.

Janet Legere Recommends The Conversion Pros

My best advice? Grab your account and get started now! Click the banner below.


The Conversion Pros Monthly free Includes

  • Auto-Responder
  • Generic and Local¬†Marketing Videos
  • Lead Capture Page System
  • Tiny Url System
  • Blogging Platform
  • Link Rotator
  • Email broadcaster

Coming soon

  • SMS broadcaster
  • Voice Mail Broadcaster
  • Auto Dialer

What are you waiting for?  Sign Up For The Conversion Pros

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‚ÄėContact List Builder‚Äô training and mentoring program.¬† As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal brand with CLB. ¬†Visit ¬†or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype¬†for information on how you can benefit too

Program Review: Guaranteed Solo Mails

Program Review: Guaranteed Solo Mails

Guaranteed Solo Mails Guarantees 500 Unique Views!

There is a new kid on the block that is making waves and with good reason.

Marty Petrizza of Referral Frenzy fame has launched a new Solo Ad Service that is getting rave reviews due to the results it is producing!

When you purchase solo ads from Guaranteed Solo Mails, you are guaranteed a minimum of 500 unique views! The cost of a Solo Ad is just $19 AND if you view other solos, you can SAVE on the price of your Solos. ¬†It’s Brilliant! PLUS, as you view other members ads, you can win CASH and extra credits. Your credits can be used to purchase more advertising in the system.


I ran my first solo on the first day that Guaranteed Solo Mails opened and I received close to 300 Clicks within 12 hours! 282 Clicks and 4 New SIGNUPS!! ¬†My banners and text ads all received clicks! I’m excited about the potential here.


But here is the best part, you can also send a CREDIT Mail to members of Guaranteed Solo Mails! Membership is growing, 786 members in the first day! I expect this one to continue growing as Marty is one of those dedicated owners.

Earning Credits has never been easier with the Solo Ad Inbox and Credit Mail Inbox. Simply login and view ads!


Guaranteed Solo Mails Solo ad Service is very affordable, especially if you take the ONE TIME OFFER to become an ADVANCED LIFETIME Member. You pay ONCE and receive 4 Solos Plus 6 Credit Mails EVERY month all with GUARANTEED UNIQUE VIEWS!


Services like this have been instrumental in helping me grow my list and my business. This one is unique and I expect to continue to see great results! I am confident you will too.

If you are already a member and using the service, please post a comment on your results. I’d love to hear how it’s working for you. if you are not yet a member, SIGN UP FOR GUARANTEED SOLO MAILS HERE then post your results on our blog!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‚ÄėContact List Builder‚Äô training and mentoring program.¬† As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal brand with CLB. ¬†Visit ¬†or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype¬†for information on how you can benefit too

An Update on Internet Business Kits

An Update on Internet Business Kits

Up Close And Personal with IBK

I recently did a product review on the new Internet Business Kits and it created quite a stir. Some think there is no value in the IBK system and I am here today to add to my original review.

So far, I am loving the products that came with the IBK system.  The two main ones are the Epic Squeeze Page and the FB Poster.

ibkbonusThe IBK FB Groups Poster is a unique tools that is exclusive to IBK members and their programmers are continually updating the program to make sure it is working at its most effective.

The IBK Facebook Groups poster automatically posts your messages to the groups of your choice at the TIME of your cholice! ¬†It’s really a brilliant tool you can see in action for yourself when you join IBK!

The Epic Squeeze Page program really is EPIC.  Just look at the Capture Pages I created with this hand Word Press Plugin

Lead Capture Page 1

This is a capture page for our Club Shop Rewards Program


Lead Capture Page Sample 2

This simple page is for the Internet Business kitsibk4

Lead Capture Page Sample 3

And finally, this one I created for our Contact List Builder programclblcp

They are all hosted on my blog at ¬†If you click the pictures above it will open the page in a new window and you’ll see how it works.

You can easily change the background choosing from hundreds of compelling graphics.

There is way more to Internet Business Kits than meets the eye. One thing for certain, the Team behind IBK is there to support it as well.

Internet Business Kits (IBK) gets my TWO thumbs up!

Come on board with IBK today, you’ll thank me for it tomorrow when your list starts growing and your Paypal account starts filling up!

Add this one to your portfolio and to your Funnel. ¬†It’s a healthy additional income stream.

As always, I am available to answer your questions and help you grow.  Find me on Skype or post a comment on the blog. I look forward to being the catalyst to your business growth!

Happy Marketing!


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

About the author

Janet Legere is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‚ÄėContact List Builder‚Äô training and mentoring program.¬† As an expert in her field, Janet can show you and your business associates how simple and powerful it can be to build good business relations online. Discover simple strategies to build a list and create your personal brand with CLB. ¬†Visit ¬†or contact Janet at janetlegere on Skype¬†for information on how you can benefit too.




Product Review: Got Backup

Product Review: Got Backup

Got Backup Exceeding Expectations

Has this ever happened to you? ¬†You turn on your computer and nothing … nothing is happening and then you realize, all your data is gone. ¬†Everything you had. ¬†It will take hours or days to get back what you lost if you can get it back at all.

Starting from scratch is never fun.  I talk to people all the time who lose their precious pictures and files that cannot be replaced.

Now, you never have to worry about any of your files again as Got Backup has you completely covered.


When Joel Therien, CEO of Got Backup and the GVO family of Programs, starting talking about this program I was very excited because I knew the market was very ready for a simple way to protect themselves.

Setup takes about 5 minutes and most of that is watching a video on how to setup.  It really is that simple and reliable!

With three options to choose from, protecting yourself has never been more affordable!



And for the adventurous, there is an income opportunity attached to Got Backup that beats anything in its league, in fact, there is nothing that compares!

As a long standing client of the GVO Family (since 2000) I can say with confidence that the value here is unlimited in potential for you and your business.



Protect yourself and increase your income today with Got Backup!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

Learn the Strategies of Successful Internet Marketers
Through The Contact List Builder, we show you HOW to use all these great tools to build your list and create your personal brand.  Come join the Team Who Cares!


Program Review: Legends Mailer

Program Review: Legends Mailer

The Legends Mailer

Janet Legere & Matthew Graves have teamed up to present a Mailer with a unique twist!  A Marketing System like no other!

I am excited to take you on a pictorial journey of Legends Mailer.


It’s free to join and I highly recommend the one time offer for an annual subscription. It has the BEST value. ¬†You can also purchase unlimited credits!

Click here to join Legends Mailer

Once registered, you will login to the members’ area to access this amazing system.

The Members’ Area

In the members area, you will find access to your Inbox where you can earn credits, the Send Mail feature where you can view your sent emails and send a new ad based on the credits you have.  You can view your downline and add your banners if you are an upgraded member.  And at the end, you will find our Secret Sauce, Be A Legend!

The main page of the members area shows you the credits you have available as well as your membership type.  It also indicates your downline which you can view separately.


The Inbox

The inbox is where you will find emails that you can click to earn credits.  As you earn credits, you can send your email ad to the members of Legends Mailer.

To earn credits, click the View link to the right of the email.



When you click View, a popup box opens with the member’s ad


You will click the link that says Click Here to Earn 30 Traffic Credits!

This will open the members website for you to view and earn credits. You will earn 30 credits for each email that you click and view.


As you click for credits, the system shows the email as “clicked”. ¬†You will see new emails in your back office daily.

1lm16Once you have earned enough credits, you will use the mailer to reach the other members who will click your link to earn credits.

Sending Your Ads

The main purpose of Legends Mailer is that of a Viral Mailer.  You want to send YOUR ad to the growing list of members of Legends Mailer. Click on Send Mail the click on Send a New Message
1lm2A new page will load, click on the Big letters that say Send Your Message

Now you will choose a date. ¬†You can choose today’s date or set your ad up to send in the future.




Once you select your date, you need to setup your ad.  Click on Goto Step 2 at the bottom of the page.



A Pop Up window will load where you can enter your email ad text.  You can include your url in the body or not but you must include it in the section at the bottom for Website URL.  This is the link that members will click to earn credits.  I highly recommend that you track your ads.1lm7Now you need to test your URLs, if you have more than one link in your email, you will need to test each of them even though they are all the same.  Click on Test your URL




The system will pop up your website and ask you to wait while it tests. 1lm9

When it passes the test, another popup appears to let you know.  You will click OK


Once all your URLs are tested, you will be able to send your ad, click on Approve Email to be Sent.




You can view your emails and stats under Display Sent Messages.  1lm2


 Statistically Speaking

Legends Mailer is producing Leads for me … check out these latest stats:


Be A Legend

Now we will get into the fun part of Legends Mailer, the Lead system for the Legends Network!  Click on Be A Legend to check out this unique system that is JUST coming to life.


You will be able to add YOUR Legends Network ID to the system so that the System can promote the Legends Network for YOU! ¬†Just enter your TLN User ID into the System. ¬†For most members, that ID is LNXXXXXX. ¬†My id is my name because I am one of the Legends in the back office of The Legends Network ūüėČ



Once your ID is set, the system is at work for you creating leads for you to follow up with


I am excited to unwrap more hidden gems at Legends Mailer. ¬†if you aren’t yet a member, you will want to become part of this exciting adventure

Join Legends Mailer

Click the banner below to join today!  Whether you are with The Legends Network or not, you can benefit from the system and get your business in front of a growing list of fresh eyes!



Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

PS: Learn the Strategies of Successful Internet Marketers

At Contact List Builder, we show you HOW to use all those great tools to build your list and create your personal brand.

Come join the Team Who Cares!

Product Review: Rent a List Advertising

Product Review: Rent a List Advertising

Rent-A-List Targeted List Advertising Review

If you’ve been searching for information on reaching large targeted audiences¬†and making more sales from your website, then you’ve probably come across¬†Targeted List Advertising.

And, if you are like me then you probably wondered what the story is behind this popular advertising site.

Well, here’s the truth: This list is the real deal.

Listen,¬†I’ll be the first to admit that I was hesitant¬†when I first decided to join “” But¬†after I started advertising my website on this list,¬†I was literally blown away by the effectiveness of it.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I gained access to their member’s¬†area was that it was easy to navigate and laid out well — affordable¬†advertising deals, real-time tracking…and so on. I know that¬†this¬†sounds like an overwhelming amount of information,¬†but one of my favorite things about this website — which you’ll discover right away¬†— is that it extremely targeted, very effective, can run multiple campaigns,¬†track and reporting, and very affordable.¬†

Here are some of the major advantages…

1. Precision Targeting Options – Clone Your Best Customers

You’ll be able to reach the exact demographics, economic and¬†behavioral¬† target market and create your own mix of targets in a snap.

You can either choose

1. Standard Targeting, 2. Consumer Targeting or 3. B2B Targeting.

2. Advertising Reach РKnow Exactly How Many Prospects Are Interested

Pull real time subscriber count from our databases and decide how many prospects you want to reach.

3. Advanced Tracking – Important Data At Your Fingertips

Allows you to run multiple campaigns in multiple channels and track everything in one area. Number of channels, number of campaigns, Impressions, clicks, total cost, average cost per clicks and more.

4. Multiple Channels & Competitive Pricing РDrive Down Your Advertising Costs Dramatically

Drive down your advertising costs by using multiple channels to reach your audience.

5. Use Bulk Order Campaigns For Future Promotion

Purchase in bulk and save 30-40-50% during our monthly sale period. The best part is that you can start your campaigns at any time, when you are ready.

And the best part is that you will see responses as soon as you start advertising with Rent-A-List.

But¬†what impresses me most about this company¬†is that — every package comes with an iron-clad guarantee. You can be sure to¬†hear from them with a ‘complete stats report’ of your previous campaign.

“” is¬†considered by many marketers as the most effective marketing site, since it¬†reaches mass targeted audience. Thousands of marketers use¬†it on a daily basis and swear that it is The best advertising site out there. I¬†give this service my absolute highest recommendation.¬†

“Increase revenue from¬†your website with targeted e-mail marketing solutions, guaranteed performance¬†based advertising, accurate real-time campaign tracking, and more…with
minimal cost to you!”

Start gaining new customers in less than 15 minutes.

Click here for more information

Pure Leverage Then and Now

Pure Leverage Then and Now

In March of 2013, Dan Brown interviewed me about the newly released Pure Leverage program.

I remember this interview and how excited I was back then… guess what? Pure Leverage is all that and more today!

Listen to this great interview from March 2013

Join Pure Leverage Now!

Not a member of Pure Leverage? Why ever not? Click the banner below to join now!

Get Paid To Advertise At The Online Ad Network

Get Paid To Advertise At The Online Ad Network

The Online Ad Network

It’s not often I am wowed by an advertising program and I’m happy to say, I’m wowed by the Online Ad Network by Brian Rooney of Traffic Wave fame.

The Online Ad Network is a bit different than most advertising resources I’ve seen online in that it really works. Your monthly fee offers you the ability to setup unlimited text and banner ads.

Run Unlimited Text and Banner Ad Campaigns and reach people specifically interested in and/or involved with network marketing!

I’m getting some of the highest click through rates I’ve ever seen in the industry. This is truly a winner and I am referring to the Online Ad Network as a Must Have tool!

Check out these views and click throughs

TOAN stats

Simple to Setup Your Ads

It’s very easy to setup too. You signup, take the $1 trial and then setup your Ad Panel. You then “buy” ads, which cost zero dollars. You can ‘buy’ as many ads as you with and you can target a category or submit a banner ad.

And here is where it gets very unique in that you get paid to be a member!  There is a 3 X 10 matrix with no sponsoring requirements.   You may see spillover from above although this is neither promised nor guaranteed.

Get Paid to Advertise

However, if you take the initiative and invite at least 3 people to become a member, your monthly subscription is covered!  You then have totally free advertising for life!  And if your three referrals do the same, you could be earning another very nice income stream.

This is definitely on my most recommended list.  Grab your trial account today.  Click Here Now