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Being Happy is A Choice — 7 Steps to Happiness

Being Happy is A Choice — 7 Steps to Happiness

“Choose to take advantage of opportunities to learn how to be happy” …

Being Happy is A Choice

7 Steps to Happiness

choosing to be happy
A recent research by a Psychology professor David T. Lykken says that being happy is determined by your genes. He reports that “trying to be happier is like trying to be taller”. Really?? So you are saying if we are not born with the proper genes to be happy, we are doomed to roam the earth being unhappy? That is just outrageous!

We are programmed pretty much from the time we are born by what our parents tells us as we grow up, followed by teachers, preachers, TV and our peers. Depending on what they are feeding your mind will determine your level of happiness. The good news is that we have the option to change our mind’s programming and focus on steps that will create happiness and in turn, create the life you desire.

Rather than go through the 7 steps to happiness, … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Tom Valeo from In it you’ll find a great source of information on steps you can take to reach the level of happiness you desire.

Choosing To Be Happy – Strategies for Happiness: 7 Steps to Becoming a Happier Person —

Once you’ve decided to be happier, you can choose strategies for achieving happiness. Psychologists who study happiness tend to agree on ones like these.

Read More At:

Learn to Play Happy Games

There are several methods you can use to find your happy button. Playing happy games throughout the day is a great way to keep your happiness up to it’s highest level. When a negative thought crosses your mind, stop and identify that it is just a thought. Play a game of hide and seek by looking for things around the room that makes you happy and chase away that negative thought.

Why go through life being miserable and unhappy, when all you have to do is focus on being happy. It is your choice!

Let’s Play The Prosperity Game

Let’s Play The Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game

As many of you know, I am a fan of and follower of Esther & Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham.  So much so, that they have become the focus of my Morning Motivator webinars.

We recently began a journey through the book “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham.

It’s been an amazing journey of learning and discovery and more importantly, we discovered the “How to” manual to attract abundance.

The book covers 22 Processes or Games, as Abraham prefers to refer to them.  These Games, as I prefer to call them as well, are simple to do and they can be a lot of fun.  And when you add fun to anything, it increases your vibration and puts you in line to attract what you are wanting.

Feel Good All The Time

I really feel these 22 processes are the how to manual and one of my favourites so far, is ‘The Prosperity Game’, Process #5.

When you are looking to imagine more or add more clarity to your desire, this is a good process.  If you are looking to enhance the flow of money into your experience, this is a great game to play.  In fact, it’s a great game to play when you want to enhance the flow of abundance of anything you desire.

The game is simple to play.

As an accountant, this one resonates with me.  It brings back memories of when I was a young girl, playing ‘office’ at home.  I remember the first home business my first husband and I had, I learned to “do the books”.  My Dad taught me as he was an accountant as well.  I remember my first columnar book and entering deposits and cheques.  Keeping a running balance of our “business bank account”.

When we shared the chapter on ‘The Prosperity Game”, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun.

What you need:

A Columnar book (available in any stationery store like Staples or Office Depot)

Some blank cheques (you will need a lot of them so you may want to copy what you have or order a new book of cheques.  Old cheques work great for this game).

Some blank deposit slips.

You can create your own cheques and deposit slips out of paper.  Do you best to make them seem real.  As long as you can imagine making the deposits and spending the money, you will have fun with this game.

On Day 1, get out your columnar book and write the date.  Then enter a DEPOSIT.  Take one of your deposit slips and enter $1,000 Cash.  Then write in your Columar book a deposit of $1,000 cash.

Now, spend your $1000.

What will you buy?  You can spend it all at once or spend it on several things.  If you can go shopping and imagine buying real things all the better.  Shopping online works too.

Decide what you want to buy, then get out your cheques and make a cheque or several cheques payable to the stores where you want to buy whatever it is you are buying.

In my case, on day one, I purchased a leather coat from Danier Leather and a pair of boots from Arnold Chergan shoes.  Then Don and I went out for a nice dinner.  It was fun to imagine.

On Day 2, get out your deposit slip and deposit $2,000.  Then go shopping and decide how you will spend that $2,000.

On Day 3, deposit $3,000 into your Virtual Bank account and then go out and “spend” your money.

You may pay off bills, purchase furniture, a new T.V.

As time goes by, your deposits increase by $1,000 each day.  So for example, on Day 4, you will deposit $4,000, Day 5, $5,000 and so on.

Soon, you will be depositing 10’s of thousands of dollars and it really becomes fun to spend it!

Remember, the key to the game is to have fun!

From the book:

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction.

Enjoy the game, it really is a lot of fun.  Remember, it’s just a game 🙂


Real Life Coaching

Real Life Coaching

Janet Legere Coaches Randy May

At a recent Net Learning Academy Training session, Janet Legere offered and impromptu coaching session with Randy May. Randy volunteered to ‘put himself out there’ and allow himself to answer those tough questions.

Randy had many AHA moments and you will hear him at the end of the call.

Comments welcome on this amazing replay. Thank you to Don Legere for always being there to record these gems!

Replay with Janet Legere & Randy May

The Contact List Builder

When you focus on your goals and understand how to create a real plan of action that is personal and designed for you and your business, then you can create the kind of success you are looking for. At CLB, we can help you make that a reality. Check out us today:

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Sisel

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Sisel

Sisel International with Tom Mower

I remember the day Gerry called to introduce us to Sisel and to Tom Mower.  I remember sitting across Tom’s desk in his office, admiring everything about the man.  He is a brilliant scientist with a knowledge and passion for Network Marketing.  I knew that day when we sat with Tom that we would be impressed and we ARE!  That meeting took place in October 2010 … watch the video below to see where we are today and why YOU want to be part of this great Company.  Together we can improve your health and your wealth and even find a bit more happiness along the way.

Clay play to enjoy this video with Tom Mower of Sisel International

Sisel International Pays You To Share The Health

As 3 Star Masters in Sisel International, Don and I can tell you that Sisel pays well. We are qualified for the Car Bonus and shopping for our new car as I write this … stay tuned to see it!

Check out the rest of Sisel and Join our family today

It’s only $20 to become a distributor!

4 Keys To Successful Visualization

4 Keys To Successful Visualization

Marilyn Martin on the 4 Keys to Successful Visualization

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, Marilyn Martin joined us on our Live Webinar to talk about Using Visualization and Having a Winning Mindset.  During the call, she talked about 4 strategies to use Visualization successfully and I have these listed below.

Enjoy the replay of our live webinar with Marilyn Martin

The Four Keys to Successful Visualization

1.  Frequency

The more you do it, the faster it will appear ~ basically, the more you visualize that goal and practice seeing it in your mind, the quicker your goal will manifest.

2. Duration

It is important that you practice holding the picture in your mind for longer periods of time, to expand from seconds to minutes.  The longer you can hold a picture in your mind, the quicker it will manifet.

3.  Vividness

How clearly you SEE your picture will determine how quickly it will become reality.  It must be crystal clear so that you can see it and feel it which brings us to the 4th strategy

4.  Intensity

The intensity of your feelings for the picture in your mind, the more quickly it will manifest itself.  The amount of emotion that you attach to your picture is the most important factor in manifesting your visualization.

You gotta do it a lot, you gotta do it for a long tie, you have to really SEE it and you have to FEEL it with all your soul.  And when you put all of this together you can manifest ANYTHING you can dream of!

In March of 2011, my daughter dreamed of writing a book.  It became an obsession for her, she thought of nothing else and talked about it all the time.  That book is now published and on shelves in Chapters Bookstore (Be That Girl, Simple Steps to Happiness).  I watched as she manifested her dream!

I truly believe that anyone can learn to manifest their dreams, they just need really big dreams that really matter.

At the Contact List Builder, we help you create those dreams and manifest those desires.  Click the banner below to join our CLB team today and let’s turn those dreams into reality, one step at a time.

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

A New Way to Look at New Years Resolutions

Enjoy this recorded call on ‘Creating Success in 2012 Starting RIGHT NOW’

Setting Realistic Achievable Goals

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves thinking about the New Year approaching and the Resolutions we will make for ourselves, be a a new body, new house, new car, new job.

But why do we wait until New Years to set goals?  The truth is, most of us fail miserably at sticking to any resolutions we create for the New Year.  How many gym membership are sold in January to people committed to finally getting in shape?  And how many of those same memberships are ‘vacant’ in 30 days.

What if there was a way to change this?  What if there was a way to set resolutions you CAN achieve, goals you CAN realize?  Actually realize a goal .. what a concept?

Enter Devlyn Steele of Tools to Life and his “Resolution Success System“.  10 Simple Steps to Creating and Achieving Your Goals.

Step One:  Learn and use the Resolution Success System

  • Concentrate on the System not the Goal
  • Commit yourself to learning and applying the system
  • Use the positive affirmations

Step Two:  Pick One and get it done

  • Choose something you really want to achieve
  • List your top three “resolutions”
  • Pick the one you want MOST
  • Commit to achieving the goal

Step Three:  Divide and Conquer

  • Size DOES matter
  • “The Only Way to Eat an Elephant is ___ ____ __ _ ____”
  • What can you realistically achieve in 30 days … One month
  • Commit to small goals and continually achieve them

Step Four:  The Rule of 20

  • Fundamental part – ACTION
  • 20 different actions you can take RIGHT NOW to achieve your 30 day goal
  • Brainstorming helps
  • Say each step out loud

Step Five:  Be Proud and Be Clear!

  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Don’t hide your goals
  • tart living your dreams!
  • You CAN achieve your goals …

Step Six:  See it to Achieve it

  • You must see your goal clearly
  • Practice visualization – see yourself achieving your goal
  • Write down your visualization
  • Train your mind to see what you want!
  • Become what you think …

Step Seven:   Act as if …

  • Act as if you have already achieved your goal
  • “all the world’s a stage …”
  • Telling the truth in advance
  • Programming yourself toward success

Step Eight:  The Law of Effort

  • Make it happen
  • Visit your goal every day
  • Visualize and state it out loud
  • Pick activities from your list of 20 and DO THEM

Step Nine:  The Law of Consistency

  • Do not procrastinate
  • Start now
  • Commit to be consistent for 30 days

Step Ten:  Lather – Rinse – Repeat

  • Repeat what works
  • Update your goal every thirty days
  • Expand to every goal you want
  • Your intention must be to BE successful

Download the Resolution Success System here

You CAN set and achieve real goals using the Resolution Success System.  Commit to 30 days … as Coach Steele says “… after all, what’s 30 days?”.

Remember to post your comments, we’d love to hear how your resolutions are working.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Merry Christmas from our house to yours

Merry Christmas
Hello members,It’s that time of year again … Don and I wish for the coming year to bring you all the abundance you desire and more. In 2012 and beyond we will do our best to inspire and motivate you to greatness.

May your passion guide you and your heart lead you.

From our house to yours, wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Janet & Don Legere
Inspiring Greatness

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Success Secrets

Success Secrets

8 Success Secrets

Don Legere on the 8 Success Secrets

1.  Take 100% responsibility for where you are right now and where you want to go.  You can take control of your situation and decide your future right now.

2.  Live your life on purpose.

3.  Be willing to pay the price – create and follow your plan

4.  Stay focused – learn the 20% you need to learn to build your business and create success.

5.  Become – be the change that you want to see.  Become who you want to be right now

6.  Write out a plan for achieving YOUR Goals .. not someone else’s goal but YOUR Goal.

7.  Never give up … failure is not an option, Success is expected.

8.  Don’t delay … do it NOW

A tribute to my mom

A tribute to my mom

It’s now 2011 … another year has come and gone and still, I miss my mom 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Moms! I hope and trust that your children make you as proud as mine do.   A special thank you to Tina, Danial and Brenda for making me SO proud to be your Mom.  And thank you to my Mom for instilling great values and a BIG personality!

In Memory of Lucille Therese Cunningham Pillon – MY MOM!

This year (2010) marks my 30th Mother’s day without my mom … 30 years and I miss her as much today as I did back then.

I am very blessed … I have three grown children who are my best friends.  My girls and I (and sometimes my son) meet every Wednesday for lunch … (an all day affair) and I treasure every moment I have with them and with my granddaughters.

I am grateful for the opportunity to get to “know” my children.

Reflecting on today made me think of a poem my “aunt” wrote about my mom and read at her funeral back in April 1980.

I’d like to share it here today as a tribute to my mom, Lucille (Lou, Aunty Lou – never Lucy) Cunningham Pillon.  My mom was a great woman and I see her strong, brilliant personality in my girls and in my son, every day.


I thought of you today

Because it is your Birthday

And my thoughts went winging

Back across the years

Across the happy times

Across the tears

We haven’t always agreed

But Neither have we condemned

Or judged

We always went along with one another

I became a millionaire

The day I met you

Because the friendship you have given me

Is worth more than anything money can buy

My friend Lou


As you can see, my mom was a very special woman …. I got to know her after she left us because she touched so many lives during her very short one … she remains a prominent influence in my life on a daily basis.

I love you mom,