Get Paid To Advertise At The Online Ad Network

The Online Ad Network

It’s not often I am wowed by an advertising program and I’m happy to say, I’m wowed by the Online Ad Network by Brian Rooney of Traffic Wave fame.

The Online Ad Network is a bit different than most advertising resources I’ve seen online in that it really works. Your monthly fee offers you the ability to setup unlimited text and banner ads.

Run Unlimited Text and Banner Ad Campaigns and reach people specifically interested in and/or involved with network marketing!

I’m getting some of the highest click through rates I’ve ever seen in the industry. This is truly a winner and I am referring to the Online Ad Network as a Must Have tool!

Check out these views and click throughs

TOAN stats

Simple to Setup Your Ads

It’s very easy to setup too. You signup, take the $1 trial and then setup your Ad Panel. You then “buy” ads, which cost zero dollars. You can ‘buy’ as many ads as you with and you can target a category or submit a banner ad.

And here is where it gets very unique in that you get paid to be a member!  There is a 3 X 10 matrix with no sponsoring requirements.   You may see spillover from above although this is neither promised nor guaranteed.

Get Paid to Advertise

However, if you take the initiative and invite at least 3 people to become a member, your monthly subscription is covered!  You then have totally free advertising for life!  And if your three referrals do the same, you could be earning another very nice income stream.

This is definitely on my most recommended list.  Grab your trial account today.  Click Here Now


Seek and Send for Skype

Seek and Send Skype Messaging Tool

It’s always a sad day when programs disappear as happened to a program I’ve used for many years.  Message Magic was a great program and helped me maintain contact with my lists and keep me connected.

For the past week or so, Message Magic stopped working and I needed to find an alternative solution.

I’m excited to find a simple program called Seek and Send.

I find Seek and Send VERY simple to setup and use.

I downloaded it, loaded it and was able to send a message to my list right away.

It offers the ability to search for other Skype IDs and add them to your Skype list as well.

There is a great training video on the sales pages that shows you how simple it is.

If you are a Skype user and are missing Message Magic or you are ready to take your Skype marketing to a whole new level, then I recommend looking at Seek and Send.