Product Review: Got Backup

Got Backup Exceeding Expectations

Has this ever happened to you?  You turn on your computer and nothing … nothing is happening and then you realize, all your data is gone.  Everything you had.  It will take hours or days to get back what you lost if you can get it back at all.

Starting from scratch is never fun.  I talk to people all the time who lose their precious pictures and files that cannot be replaced.

Now, you never have to worry about any of your files again as Got Backup has you completely covered.


When Joel Therien, CEO of Got Backup and the GVO family of Programs, starting talking about this program I was very excited because I knew the market was very ready for a simple way to protect themselves.

Setup takes about 5 minutes and most of that is watching a video on how to setup.  It really is that simple and reliable!

With three options to choose from, protecting yourself has never been more affordable!



And for the adventurous, there is an income opportunity attached to Got Backup that beats anything in its league, in fact, there is nothing that compares!

As a long standing client of the GVO Family (since 2000) I can say with confidence that the value here is unlimited in potential for you and your business.



Protect yourself and increase your income today with Got Backup!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
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Happy New year from Janet and Don

Happy New Year from Janet & Don Legere


Thank you for supporting us all year.  Enjoy these gifts.  Download each file then uncompress or unzip the folder to access the files.

Download 1 – Think-Science.pdf

  • Think & Grow Rich
  • Think & Grow Rich Workbook
  • The Science of Getting Rich
  • The Science of Being Great

Download 2 –

  • 15000 Article Templates on hundreds of topics

Download 3 –

  • Hundreds of graphics to use for your blog or website

Happy New Year

We wish for you, all that you wish for!

In Friendship and with Love,

Janet & Don Legere

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Super Charged Solos Out Performs All Lists

Supercharged Solo Ads After One Year

Back in the early days, I was skeptical that this system would work and pleasantly surprised at how well it’s worked for the past year.

I love that I can setup my solos in advance and not have to worry.  I know my ads are going out consistently as I see the results in new subscribers and new members.


Supercharged Solo Ads is a SOLID Solo Ad service by Internet Marketing expert, Matthew Graves.

Check out these stats from my last solo – 32 Subscribers!


I’d say Super Charged Solo Ads really are Super Charged!  Grab your account today and check it out.  Upgrade right away or grab a Solo and check it out for yourself.

Click the banner to join now

I said in 2013 that this would make my TOP TEN list for 2014 and I’d say it may just rank #1 overall!

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
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consistency is key

Why Consistency is a Must in Your Business

“Whether you are running a company or in a business opportunity of some type, consistency plays a major role in how you are perceived.” …

Why Consistency is a Must in Your Business

5 Top Reasons of Importance

consistency is key

Your business reputation is everything. When you are consistent in your daily activities, people will notice that you serious about your business.

Also, by being consistent, it is much easier to teach your team how to follow your lead and be consistent as well. If your team sees you jumping around, they will follow your lead and jump around as well.

Rather than go through a list of reasons why it is important to have consistency in your business … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Jaye Pause from In it you’ll find five important reasons why consistency is so important.

5 Important Reasons Why Consistency Is So Important —

In order for your business to grow, you need to have a track record of success. Without consistency, you can’t establish a track record if you are always trying new tactics or shifting gears.

Read More At:

Creating a Habit

Being consistent will cause you to create a habit. People tend to fall into habitual patterns and will gladly follow what is set forth by their leader. Find what is working for you, be consistent and your team will follow you to success!


Janet Legere
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Program Review: Legends Mailer

The Legends Mailer

Janet Legere & Matthew Graves have teamed up to present a Mailer with a unique twist!  A Marketing System like no other!

I am excited to take you on a pictorial journey of Legends Mailer.


It’s free to join and I highly recommend the one time offer for an annual subscription. It has the BEST value.  You can also purchase unlimited credits!

Click here to join Legends Mailer

Once registered, you will login to the members’ area to access this amazing system.

The Members’ Area

In the members area, you will find access to your Inbox where you can earn credits, the Send Mail feature where you can view your sent emails and send a new ad based on the credits you have.  You can view your downline and add your banners if you are an upgraded member.  And at the end, you will find our Secret Sauce, Be A Legend!

The main page of the members area shows you the credits you have available as well as your membership type.  It also indicates your downline which you can view separately.


The Inbox

The inbox is where you will find emails that you can click to earn credits.  As you earn credits, you can send your email ad to the members of Legends Mailer.

To earn credits, click the View link to the right of the email.



When you click View, a popup box opens with the member’s ad


You will click the link that says Click Here to Earn 30 Traffic Credits!

This will open the members website for you to view and earn credits. You will earn 30 credits for each email that you click and view.


As you click for credits, the system shows the email as “clicked”.  You will see new emails in your back office daily.

1lm16Once you have earned enough credits, you will use the mailer to reach the other members who will click your link to earn credits.

Sending Your Ads

The main purpose of Legends Mailer is that of a Viral Mailer.  You want to send YOUR ad to the growing list of members of Legends Mailer. Click on Send Mail the click on Send a New Message
1lm2A new page will load, click on the Big letters that say Send Your Message

Now you will choose a date.  You can choose today’s date or set your ad up to send in the future.




Once you select your date, you need to setup your ad.  Click on Goto Step 2 at the bottom of the page.



A Pop Up window will load where you can enter your email ad text.  You can include your url in the body or not but you must include it in the section at the bottom for Website URL.  This is the link that members will click to earn credits.  I highly recommend that you track your ads.1lm7Now you need to test your URLs, if you have more than one link in your email, you will need to test each of them even though they are all the same.  Click on Test your URL




The system will pop up your website and ask you to wait while it tests. 1lm9

When it passes the test, another popup appears to let you know.  You will click OK


Once all your URLs are tested, you will be able to send your ad, click on Approve Email to be Sent.




You can view your emails and stats under Display Sent Messages.  1lm2


 Statistically Speaking

Legends Mailer is producing Leads for me … check out these latest stats:


Be A Legend

Now we will get into the fun part of Legends Mailer, the Lead system for the Legends Network!  Click on Be A Legend to check out this unique system that is JUST coming to life.


You will be able to add YOUR Legends Network ID to the system so that the System can promote the Legends Network for YOU!  Just enter your TLN User ID into the System.  For most members, that ID is LNXXXXXX.  My id is my name because I am one of the Legends in the back office of The Legends Network 😉



Once your ID is set, the system is at work for you creating leads for you to follow up with


I am excited to unwrap more hidden gems at Legends Mailer.  if you aren’t yet a member, you will want to become part of this exciting adventure

Join Legends Mailer

Click the banner below to join today!  Whether you are with The Legends Network or not, you can benefit from the system and get your business in front of a growing list of fresh eyes!



Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

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Using “Point of Contact” To Build Relationships with Prospects

” Every opportunity that you get to speak with your client is an opportunity to make them trust your company more.” …

Using “Point of Contact” To Build Relationships with Prospects

The Moment of Initial Contact

point of contact
I have noticed within the internet marketing industry there is a lack of personal contact by the internet marketer. People are led to believe they only need to create a lead capture page and allow an auto-responder to communicate with their prospects. Times are changing; to create long lasting customers, marketers must take advantage of personally contacting their prospects.

By utilizing the “Point of Contact”, you will start to build trust and a personal relationship with your prospects, giving them a sense of importance. Whether your prospects fill out a capture page, leaves a comment on your blog or mentions you on social media, by reaching out to them you will have a greater chance of turning that prospect into a long lasting customer.

I came across this great article by Jaye Pause from In it you’ll find a great source of information about ways to utilize point of contact to maximize conversions and how to gain referrals from your prospects.

Utilize “Point Of Contact” To Maximize Conversions. —

Fact is, the more “point of contact” opportunities that you create in your online business, the more chances are that you will sell over and over to that particular client.

Read More At:

Business Growth Regardless of Economy

No matter what economic situation we may be facing, by reaching out to your prospects will cause your business to thrive in any economy. Offering a prospect that one on one service, they will get to like, know and trust you and will be back because of the personal connection you made with them.


Being Happy is A Choice — 7 Steps to Happiness

“Choose to take advantage of opportunities to learn how to be happy” …

Being Happy is A Choice

7 Steps to Happiness

choosing to be happy
A recent research by a Psychology professor David T. Lykken says that being happy is determined by your genes. He reports that “trying to be happier is like trying to be taller”. Really?? So you are saying if we are not born with the proper genes to be happy, we are doomed to roam the earth being unhappy? That is just outrageous!

We are programmed pretty much from the time we are born by what our parents tells us as we grow up, followed by teachers, preachers, TV and our peers. Depending on what they are feeding your mind will determine your level of happiness. The good news is that we have the option to change our mind’s programming and focus on steps that will create happiness and in turn, create the life you desire.

Rather than go through the 7 steps to happiness, … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Tom Valeo from In it you’ll find a great source of information on steps you can take to reach the level of happiness you desire.

Choosing To Be Happy – Strategies for Happiness: 7 Steps to Becoming a Happier Person —

Once you’ve decided to be happier, you can choose strategies for achieving happiness. Psychologists who study happiness tend to agree on ones like these.

Read More At:

Learn to Play Happy Games

There are several methods you can use to find your happy button. Playing happy games throughout the day is a great way to keep your happiness up to it’s highest level. When a negative thought crosses your mind, stop and identify that it is just a thought. Play a game of hide and seek by looking for things around the room that makes you happy and chase away that negative thought.

Why go through life being miserable and unhappy, when all you have to do is focus on being happy. It is your choice!

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Why Teaching Business Skills in Schools Should Be Priority

“We should start teaching our children business skills in schools. Why? Because, from business skills come life skills.” …

Why Teaching Business Skills in Schools Should Be Priority

Prepare Students For The Real World

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are only a few of the skills our children need to learn. There should be more programs designed to encourage our children to step out of their comfort zone. Too often, we hear of children being pushed through the system and then let out into the world to fend for themselves.

Isn’t it our responsibility as parents and teachers to provide the very best education for our kids. To give them every opportunity to discover who they are and understand where they are going in life. By teaching our youth basic business skills, they will also be learning very important life skills.

In this article written by Richard Branson from, he talks about a program his team developed to help children to be entrepreneurial and make a profit. Richard also talks about the importance of why business skills should be taught in schools.

Why business skills should be taught in school —

Kids and teenagers have so much drive and spirit, so schools should implement curriculums, and sign up to small business competitions like the Fiver Challenge, to truly encourage young people to rise to their full potential.

Read More At:

Create After School Activities

As a business owner, connect with schools in your area and help develop after school activities that will encourage our youth to rise to their full potential. It is our responsibility to educate the next generation to ensure they are ready to be productive citizens of our society.


Product Review: Rent a List Advertising

Rent-A-List Targeted List Advertising Review

If you’ve been searching for information on reaching large targeted audiences and making more sales from your website, then you’ve probably come across Targeted List Advertising.

And, if you are like me then you probably wondered what the story is behind this popular advertising site.

Well, here’s the truth: This list is the real deal.

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that I was hesitant when I first decided to join “” But after I started advertising my website on this list, I was literally blown away by the effectiveness of it.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I gained access to their member’s area was that it was easy to navigate and laid out well — affordable advertising deals, real-time tracking…and so on. I know that this sounds like an overwhelming amount of information, but one of my favorite things about this website — which you’ll discover right away — is that it extremely targeted, very effective, can run multiple campaigns, track and reporting, and very affordable. 

Here are some of the major advantages…

1. Precision Targeting Options – Clone Your Best Customers

You’ll be able to reach the exact demographics, economic and behavioral  target market and create your own mix of targets in a snap.

You can either choose

1. Standard Targeting, 2. Consumer Targeting or 3. B2B Targeting.

2. Advertising Reach – Know Exactly How Many Prospects Are Interested

Pull real time subscriber count from our databases and decide how many prospects you want to reach.

3. Advanced Tracking – Important Data At Your Fingertips

Allows you to run multiple campaigns in multiple channels and track everything in one area. Number of channels, number of campaigns, Impressions, clicks, total cost, average cost per clicks and more.

4. Multiple Channels & Competitive Pricing – Drive Down Your Advertising Costs Dramatically

Drive down your advertising costs by using multiple channels to reach your audience.

5. Use Bulk Order Campaigns For Future Promotion

Purchase in bulk and save 30-40-50% during our monthly sale period. The best part is that you can start your campaigns at any time, when you are ready.

And the best part is that you will see responses as soon as you start advertising with Rent-A-List.

But what impresses me most about this company is that — every package comes with an iron-clad guarantee. You can be sure to hear from them with a ‘complete stats report’ of your previous campaign.

“” is considered by many marketers as the most effective marketing site, since it reaches mass targeted audience. Thousands of marketers use it on a daily basis and swear that it is The best advertising site out there. I give this service my absolute highest recommendation. 

“Increase revenue from your website with targeted e-mail marketing solutions, guaranteed performance based advertising, accurate real-time campaign tracking, and more…with
minimal cost to you!”

Start gaining new customers in less than 15 minutes.

Click here for more information