Best of the Best for 2010

Hello and welcome to the end of 2010. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, yet here we are.

It’s the time of year that many reflect on their accomplishments and goals.

For me, it’s the time of year to look back on the tools and resources we used all year and decide which were the most effective.

I had an interesting experience this year as I was reviewing the tools and resources that we use.

My tops picks came out like this:

Second Income Coach

SIC – Second Income Coach is likely THE best funded sponsoring system that ever came online.  What makes SIC so special is that with SIC you will learn everything you need to learn to do anything you want to do online.  In other words, SIC is the ONE stop place for you to learn to build YOUR business online.  At Second Income Coach, you will learn to Earn while you learn to master simple online strategies to attract solid prospects for your Primary business.

GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities is your one stop shop for branding you.  Branding was one of the hot topics in 2010 and a major focus of our training.   Branding you is all about setting up your own website where your visitors can learn more about you, who you are and what your passions are.  Through GVO, you can register a domain, install a wordpress blog, setup an auto-responder campaign and even record and share video.  GVO will save you money over other available services.  One small monthly fee covers you for everything you need to create your brand online.

GVO Conference

GVO Conference launched in 2010 to rave reviews and with good reason.  At long last, everyone can afford to use Video Web Conferencing just like the “big guys”.  Now you too can offer a professional presentation to your prospects from around the globe.  The best part?  GVO Conference is SO simple to use and it generates another lucrative income stream for you when you share it with other networkers.  GVO Conference is the perfect tool for all Networkers and Business owners who do business in a Global economy.

List Joe

List Joe is one of the original credit based lists to come on the market and still ranks as my number one choice for responsive members.  List Joe has a very active membership that responds well to what we teach.  The key with List Joe is to upgrade to the Annual membership for $197.00.  Your upgrade gives you the ability to email 3000 members every 3 days.  That’s 30,000 random members every month.  List Joe boasts an active membership of over 65,000 members.

State Of The Art Mailer

State of the Art Mailer is a unique credit based list where you can earn credits reading emails and rather than having to open your inbox, you login to the system to view the email ads and websites.  You can level up to have access to email up to 10,000 members.  Free or upgraded, you can earn mailings to random members.  I recommend the one time ugrade  of $197.00 so you can have continuous access to email random members every three day.

Prospect Geyser

Prospect Geyser is an advertising program that James Stone and I put together for our members.  This unique system capitalizes on the Search Engine Keyword phrases and helps you benefit from specific keyword phrases that are relevant to your ad.

I have many new resources that came out in 2010 that are very effective.  As I started thinking about all the programs,  noticed that our own Prospect Geyser included all my top programs!

We launched Prospect Geyser on November 13, 2010 and here we are just 6 short weeks later approaching 3000 members and activity like nothing else has ever created!

Since launching Prospect Geyser and focusing my advertising on Prospect Geyser, I have seen an increase in signups for Second Income Coach, GVO and GVO Conference.  All three of these programs create a substantial income stream because these are tools members need for the long term.

I noticed that by focusing my attention on Prospect Geyser and following up with new members, my numbers increased in all areas.

Prospect Geyser, GVO and GVO Conference along with List Joe and State Of The Art Mailer, are all part of the Second Income Coach system.

So for 2010, my vote for TOP Funded Advertising System is Prospect Geyser!

These programs all work together to help YOU develop good solid prospects for YOUR primary business.  Let’s work together to help you master these simple systems so that 2011 can be your year for exponential growth.

Here they are again, my top picks for 2010. Solid programs that will lead you right into a successful and profitable 2011

Second Income Coach:

GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO Conference:

List Joe:

State Of The Art Mailer:


Remember, through Second Income Coach and Prospect Geyser, all the systems are connected.  You have everything you need RIGHT HERE!  The only thing missing is you.

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