Belly to Belly Online Marketing?

Belly to Belly Online Marketing?

I don’t know who it was coined the phrase “You may not be doing what you love doing but you better love doing what you are doing”.

I’m of the mind one should always do what one loves doing, it’s my motto and what directs me.

When Don and I first started with our primary company, Shaklee, we realized that this company was truly a “belly to belly” company.  These products were shared mostly through referral marketing in an offline atmosphere either through home parties or one on one presentations.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against “belly to belly” marketing and I do know how absolutely powerful it can be.  I’ve had the privilege and honour to meet many Shaklee Masters who built their entire business “belly to belly” in every sense of the traditonal Network Marketing world.

Honestly, I have the greatest respect for anyone who can build a Network Marketing company the ‘Belly to belly” way … and in all reality … I sure could if I really wanted to and if it was something I loved doing.  I could even learn to love doing it if I felt I “had” to … however …

Try as I might, I have not yet mastered the art of loving ‘Belly to belly” marketing in the offline world.  But what’s even more interesting is the vast numbers of people that I meet every day who feel exactly the same.

They do not want to build there business in the traditional way.

And what about those individuals who live in small communities or are unable to leave their homes?  If we are to believe that “belly to belly” marketing is the only way to build a network marketing business then how will these individuals ever succeed at doing it if they can’t get “belly to belly”.

Ok … hold on a minute … who ever said one cannot do “belly to belly” marketing online?

Seems to me that most of the people I meet online are very friendly and communicate with me … while we may not meet face to face, our form of connecting and communicating can be just as “belly to belly” as traditional offline marketing techniques.  Over the years I have developed some very strong business relationships with people I have never met.

There is no reason whatsoever that I can think of that would stop any person from using the Internet to do “belly to belly” marketing for their primary business.

I do it every day and I teach others how to do it too.  Anyone can create a “belly to belly” business relationship in a global market through the use of Internet tools and resources.

At one time … people learned to use a new piece of technology called a telephone that allowed you to communicate with someone without being “belly to belly”.  The Internet is simply another evolution in communication that anyone can learn to use.

At EarthFriendlyBiz, we teach everyone … and anyone … how to use simple techniques to build a list and develop multiple streams of income while learning our “belly to belly” techniques to build their primary business.

I invite you to check us out … we ARE different than all the others.  Our members all agree!

Visit for down to earth, grass roots training that anyone can follow.

I guarantee you will see results and make money if you use my steps that are simple to follow and easy to understand.

If you are an experienced Internet marketer, I urge you to share this information with your team.  Someone in your group wants to build their business online and I can teach them how.

Belly to Belly can be a real event online … it’s all in how to think it can be.

What are your thoughts on Belly to Belling Online Marketing?

I’d love to hear them.

Your online marketing guide,

Janet Legere
List Building Expert

Shaklee Independent Distributor
Shaklee Independent Distributor

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    I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my site?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Regards, Timur I. Alhimenkov

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