Are You Strugging To Learn Internet Marketing

Are You Strugging To Learn Internet Marketing

Learn Internet Marketing at Second Income Coach

Hello and welcome!

Let me ask you … are you still struggling to learn Internet Marketing?  Do you have a list you can market to?  Do you know what a list is?

If you answered no, you aren’t alone.

It’s a common issue online.  It seems everywhere I go, people are struggling to learn Internet Marketing and struggling to learn how to build a list.

The problem?  People are sold on the idea that you signup for a program and get rich.  Do you believe that?  Do you believe there is a secret to making all this work?

Secrets To Internet Marketing at Second Income Coach

Well if you believe there is a secret then you are RIGHT and that secret is a program called Second Income Coach.

What is Second Income Coach?

SIC (as we love to call it) is a funded sponsoring system where we teach you, step by step, how to do everything you need to do to do anything you want to do online.

Catchy eh?

We teach you all about branding you, from setting up your domain to creating your first blog.  We teach you how to setup your auto-responder and build a list.  We also teach you how to advertise on the Internet and how to use such services as Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Credit Based Lists, Social Networks and more.

At Second Income Coach, we literally take you by the hand and teach you simple strategies to learn how to master simple tools to drive traffic to your website.

There are several LIVE calls held during the week where our leaders (including me) offer training on specific topics inside SIC.

We even have a Skype group, two in fact, for our Free SIC Members and our GOLD SIC members.  Yes, you can join and benefit from SIC as a free member.  You can even earn commissions at Second Income Coach as a free member.  Free members earn 10% while Gold members earn 50%.  Best part?  When you upgrade to Gold you begin earning 50% from your current gold members!  No one else does that!

Learn To Use The Internet To Make Money

So, if you are struggling to learn Internet Marketing and you are tired of jumping from program to program, then I recommend you find a home here at Second Income Coach.

Our team is here for YOU … our business is all about YOU and YOUR business.

So go ahead .. come home to Second Income Coach and let us help you create the results you want.

We are here waiting for you.  Click the banner now to join Second Income Coach and turn your results positive!

Skype me at janetlegere and let’s make this happen for you like it is for the rest of our team.

See you soon,

Janet Legere

23 Replies to “Are You Strugging To Learn Internet Marketing”

  1. SIC is an awesome program. We have learned so much and started making money online. If you are serious about making money online you have to check out!

  2. Hi Janet, a very good post, great short video (and the flowers are beautiful too!) There is a lot for us “newbie’s” to pick up on.

  3. Yes, that’s right Janet. At Second Income Coach (SIC) you really learn, all you need to learn, and more, how to earn online – if you put in the work and effort to get it! If not, then you’ll stand where you stand right now. SIC is all about taking action! That’s my reason for loving to be SIC! It’s just plainly SIC!

  4. Thanks Ray.

    You really hit the nail on the head. There really is a lot for newbies to learn .. and SIC is the tool that helps you keep focused on learning what you need to learn. Our SIC Free and Gold Skype groups keep you on task and focused on the activities you need to do.

    We understand how easy it is to become distracted, especially on the Internet, where there are just so many distractions.

    Thanks for your leadership in taking action, Ray. I look forward to helping you continue to grow.

  5. Hi Janet Very good post, short and sweet and to the point. I can really relate to what you said. I for one have been involved in many diff types of programs on the internet. Have been mislead and influenced by those in the know that only tell you enough to hook you and take your money and more importantly your presses time. Second income coach has everything one needs to move into profit in a short amount of time, if one follows the training and asked for help when needed. The help comes from leaders as well as other members with no strings attached. It all about team and helping others succeed. Thanks for CARING. You know the saying:People don’t care what you Know only that you CARE.

  6. Great video as always! Many thanks for sharing your beautiful roses!

    And your love on Valentines Day shines through the help, warmth and care you extend to all your online friends …

    Thanks to you both …

  7. Great post Janet,
    SIC is an awesome funnel, the training is second to none. The trainers are the best.
    Thank you Janet for all you do for us, the time you spend training and mentoring is truly appreciated.
    Continued success my friend,
    Ken Pringle

  8. Thanks Tony, I love how you said the help come from leaders as well as other members – with NO strings attached … don’t see that in too many places! Looking forward to your continued success and leadership 🙂

  9. You are so right Janet! Second Income Coach is the place to start…there is no better place to learn the basics…but even more there are very few programs that teach a marketer how to advance their internet marketing knowledge! Second Income Coach does both and that is so hard to find. Your continued training and leadership is a HUGE part of that! Love the post and the awesome training you and Don always have for us.

  10. Hi Janet,
    I liked your post, its telling me I have an
    opportunity to do what is needed to get
    myself going with Second Income Coach, and
    other opportunities as well.
    Thanks Janet

  11. Karen, I love how you said that SIC helps you advance your internet marketing knowledge. That is SO true and a point often left out. Thanks for bringing it up!

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