Anderson Goncalves Makes Money

Anderson Goncalves Makes Money

Thank you to Anderson Goncalves for this great video.  Anderson is a 21 year old College student from Brazil who overcame not only the hurdles of learning the Internet but learning it in a different language.  Anderson is a prime example of what can happen when you decide you are going to make it work!  Don and I look forward to 2010 and are anxious to see how far Anderson can go.

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2 Replies to “Anderson Goncalves Makes Money”

  1. Great work Anderson! I can see wonderful things in your future. I have to agree Janet and Don are a great team. Thanks to both of you for sharing so much of your time helping us newbies learn how to be successful online.

  2. Wow Anderson what an inspiration. I am just starting this field and was a little overwhelmed to start with but Anderson’s story is such an inspiration. Look forward to emulating his success. Thanks Janet and Don

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