ADVERTISING YOUR CAPTURE PAGE With your Capture page in…

ADVERTISING YOUR CAPTURE PAGE With your Capture page in…

Here’s another blog post I didn’t have to write thanks to the magic of


With your Capture page in hand and tested, you are now ready to advertise. There are many ways to advertise and we offer a few suggestions in the 3 Step Quick Start Guide.

One of the best resources that I use is Viral Mailers. We own and operate 5 different Viral Mailers and they are all located in the CLB Downline Builder.

Prospect Geyser 1000+ members
Prospect Geyser Coop 2900+ members
PG Viral Mailer 2000+ members
Genie Mailer 3300+ members
All Pro Mailer 400+ members (our newest all paid mailer)

This is a great place to start and if you take our Lifetime membership offer, you will get upgrades in the first 4 mailers (APM not included).

Here is an ad you can use with the Viral Mailers:

SUBJECT: Would you like guaranteed results?


I Invite You To Discover A New Found
Personal Success With This Simple, Proven

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simple & profitable system!

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You’ll gain immediate access to this simple
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We guarantee results when you follow our
proven system.

Click the link below to get started for free!

You’ll thank me!



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