Advertising With Prospect Geyser

Advertising With Prospect Geyser

Generating Leads With Prospect Geyser

Today, I want to talk with you about a program that offers you the ability to promote your business for free.

Prospect Geyser is a unique advertising system that captializes on all that google keyword functions and puts your business where it should be, at the top of the searches.

How Do You Setup Prospect Geyser

Prospect Geyser is simple to setup and use.  When you register for free, you are taken immediately to the Settings page where you can enter your Contact Information and Business Information.

You will create a Headline for your business along with two lines of ad text and then you will create your Keyword Phrases for your business.

It is highly recommended that you select your keyword phrases first before creating your ad.  Then you can use the keyword phrases in your ad.

Once your ad is in place, the system creates what we call an RSS feed (Real Simple Syndication) and displays your ad and the keyword phrases on the RSS page.  The keyword phrases show relevant news articles based on your keywords.

This fresh content is music to Googles systems and your link may get ranked highly if you do your homework on the keyword phrases.

How Does Prospect Geyser Work?

Once your settings are complete, the system is set. There is nothing further required from you at this time.

Here is how the system works.  Let’s say for example purposes that you are promoting a health and wellness company that provides natural supplements that promote age-reversal.

In my settings, I may have a keyword phrase such as “reverse+aging+naturally”.

Now let’s say that ‘Mary’ goes to google and is looking for natural supplements to reverse aging and she types in the words “reverse aging naturally.

Google now does a search and returns the results with a list of website addresses with the keywords you entered.

In that list, my Prospect Geyser RSS page may be shown and Mary may decided that this is just what she is looking for.

She clicks the link on the google page and up comes my Prospect Geyser RSS page.

From here, my ad is clearly displayed showing my company information with the natural products.  When Mary clicks through to my business site, she then becomes an “organic lead”, meaning she found ME!

Now, let’s say Mary isn’t interested in my natural supplements.  She may just decide to grab a free Prospect Geyser account to promote HER business.

What this means is that you have two chances to turn Mary into a lead.

Promoting Prospect Geyser

And that is the simple process of Prospect Geyser.  If you are an avid marketer, you can build a large list of active members by promoting Prospect Geyser.

You can promote Prospect Geyser on Traffic Exchanges and Safelist / Credit Based lists as well as on your Social networks.  Prospect Geyser is unique and well received by marketers in the Industry.

When you sponsor someone to Prospect Geyser you have the opportunity to earn a $15 commission when that person upgrades.  When you decide to upgrade to Gold that commission rises to $40 and your ads start rotating in our system among our 12000+ members.

Go ahead and get started with Prospect Geyser today.  Click the Banner below to Join for Free.

Janet Legere
Internet Marketing Expert

3 Replies to “Advertising With Prospect Geyser”

  1. Well Janet you did it again. You made it simple and anyone that is marketing their Biz, that is not using Prospect geyser, must just like to work harder instead of smarter.
    Great Job LOL!!!

  2. Another great blog. a You captured all the best of Prospect Geyser and expressed you passion to present it in a step by step fashion so that anyone reading it will want Prospect Geyser today knowing it will be easy ot use following your steps.

  3. Hi Janet.

    I don’t know how you make time to do these blog posts but nice job!

    Prospect Geyser is a great part of my marketing efforts too.

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