Advertising Resources That Work

Advertising Resources That Work

Are your advertising resources producing results?

I recently sent out an ad to my favourite lists and the results that came from my ad are the same results I get whenever I send an ad out with information. is a simple 3-step system to generate prospects for your primary business and develop downlines in three other highly effective programs.

GDI – Global Domains International – one of the longest standing online businesses. GDI becomes a great resource for as a redirect to your EFB affiliate link (example GDI is free to join for 7 days then just $10 a month.

ListJoe – one of the most responsive credit based lists on the market.

FreeTrafficBar – an excellent source of traffic to your website with this simply browser bar add-on; no pop-ups, just a simple bar on your browser that displays your ad to other members.

My results using have been astounding and very consistent.

You might be saying to yourself, “Well, Janet, that’s all well and good but I’m not you – can I expect the same results?”

The answer is simple … YES, your results will be the same.

One mailing to my marketing lists (ListJoe, ListAuction, ViralURL, YourLuckyList, ListDotCom, etc.) resulted in 438 hits to my website which resulted in

  • 57 leads, 1 New GDI Member,
  • 4 New List Joe members (one upgrade earning me $100) and
  • 3 Free Traffic Bar members.
  • 6 leads then signed up as members (so they can use the system).

Now, here is something truly amazing.

When I sent out my ad, I used a ViralURL tracking link which is how I knew I had 438 hits to my site. By using a ViralURL link, I generated 4 new ViralURL members and one upgraded earning me $98.50.

Not bad from one mailing, wouldn’t you say?

Here is the ad that I sent out:

SUBJECT: Why aren’t you using it, NAME?


It worked then
It works now
Only question is …

Why aren’t you using it?

What is it?

It’s a 3-step system called
Earth Friendly Biz and our Biz
IS Earth Friendly!

Check it out here:

Get started today … you will
be so glad you did!

Call if you have questions, I’m in
Calgary, Alberta at 403-274-2930

Have a great day,

Janet Legere
List Building Expert


So how exactly does work?

This simple 3-step system is a common system used online to develop prospects.

Step 1: Visitors to your affiliate site sign up as a lead

Step 2: Your new lead is then introduced to the 3 programs (GDI, ListJoe & FreeTrafficBar) and the system is explained. Once your lead signs up for the three programs, they then become an member by signing up for our free system

(At this point, your new member is introduced to your primary business)

Step 3: Your new member now advertises their website to develop leads, prospects and members.

It really is that simple and it’s effective.

Listen to what Derick Yung has to say about EarthFriendlyBiz:

You can get started today for free.


I recommend signing up for ViralURL so you can track your links when you are advertising, as in my ad example above.

Get your ViralURL account here

The two resources that generated the most hits and signups were ListJoe and ListAuction. Both are free to join, however, I recommend the upgrade so that you can email 30,000 random members from each list every month! These resources work!

Join List Joe

Join ListAuction

We offer full training and resources to help you advertise your EarthFriendlyBiz site and soon, we will have a fully automated system that will followup with your leads and your new members.

If you are using EarthFrienldyBiz, please post your comments and let us know how the system is working for you.

Have a great day!

Janet Legere
List Building Expert

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  1. I have to say that you are so right Janet and I definitely felt overwhelmed until you told me to stay focused and I joined I think people should listen to you because you have done it and been there. I know that everything on here is great advise and very honest. I sure have appreciated what you have had to say. Great job keep up the good work

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