Adding a Virtual Office

How To Add a Virtual Office to Your Blog

Hello and welcome!

Today, I want to talk to you about adding a Virtual Office to your Website and your Business.

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home, presenting to people all over the world. What would your business look like if you were able to easily offer product demonstrations and video overviews as well as offer the ability for your visitors to ask questions and get answers – live and in real time!

This is all possible with your Virtual Office.

Below, I show you the simple steps to follow to easily setup your own Virtual Office.

Setting Up Your Virtual Office

As a member of GVO, you have access to a 10 seat conference room that you can use for prospect meetings, opportunity presentation, three way calls, training calls etc.

Your 10 seat room is included with your Titanium Membership.  If you are not yet a member of GVO, you can get a Titanium membership for $1 for a 14 day trial.   Click here to signup with GVO

Setting up your Conference room simple and I will take you through the detailed steps below.

Step 1. Login to

Step 2. Click on GVO Conference (button on the left under Marketing Tools)

You will be presented with a page that looks like the graphic below. I recommend you watch the Video at the top right (NEED HELP?) or the Basic Training Videos located under the GVO Conference graphic on the left:


Step 3. Setup a Room Moderator

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up as a moderator in your room. Where you see the moderator information, you see Total Moderators and the number 0. The number 0 is a hyper link and if you click on it, you can setup a moderator.

Click Add New Moderator

You will be presented with a form to fill out the First Name Last Name and email address of the moderator. I recommend you set yourself up first then any other team members you wish to give moderator access. The system will generate the Moderator Username and Password.

Click Insert Now to create your moderator.

You will use this username and password to login to your Virtual Office as a moderator.

Moderator access allows you to share your desktop, show a presentation, share files and browsers.

You are now ready to use your Conference room and invite others.

To access your room, notice the link in the graphic: <==== Your room number will be unique to your GVO membership

Your personal link will have a different number.

You are now ready to invite prospects, members, guests to that link and they can visit your Virtual Office.

Add a link to your signature file:

Janet Legere

Please Visit Our Virtual Office
Monday to Friday, 10AM to 2PM

I look forward to visiting Your virtual office and invite you to leave your Virtual Office address with your comments below.

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21 Replies to “Adding a Virtual Office”

  1. Janet,

    What a fabulous idea! Using GVO Conferencing for a “support” mechanism … and a virtual office. Brilliant!

    You’re a proven and successful internet marketer and trainer, continually offering up “golden nuggets” such as the one here.

    *Please* keep it up 🙂

    BTW – Kathy & I absolutely loved having you on our show and look forward to doing it again.

    All the best,
    Brian Kelly

  2. Hi Janet,

    This is a great idea that not many users would normally think of. Glad you took the time to bring it to the forefront.

    It is great that you are reminding people of the features and benefits they have in their GVO accounts. GVO is so much more than your every day web hosting company that new members don’t always “get it” right away.

    Keep up the encouragement and reminders about the less well understood features available to every member.


  3. I have friends who have spent quite a bit for the benefits of having a virtual office just about like this by buying the bits and pieces that’s all in one right on GVO free with an account. If you work from home, if you value your privacy, if you are wary of giving out your personal contact information to the world, this is a great way to give good service and keeping contact without compromising those concerns. Thank you Janet for pointing this out. Once again GVO out-thinks what an internet marketer needs before most internet marketers have figured it out themselves. That’s a big California “Cool, Cool, Cool”

  4. Great Janet!

    That’s one more awesome and powerful tool included in GVO. It makes your job much easier to provide training and help members on your team, you can easily share your desktop and show them how to get setup with programs and other things.

    I installed it on my blog and it just took me a couple of minutes, it’s really easy!

    Thanks Janet!

    Anderson Goncalves

  5. Super video Janet, a great resource for new people to use to build their business and a great tool to attract potential business partners. I am looking forward to learning to use this tool to build my business online. Thanks Janet for leading the way. Terry

  6. Loco and I read your blog posting and watched your video message. After hours of discussion, we have decided that we agree with you. Having a virtual office would be wonderful. Loco offered to man it full time. But I pointed out to him that he hasn’t even figured out how to open a website yet without me being right there to help him. And I haven’t figured out yet how to have any regularly scheduled office hours, so I guess we’ll just have to dream about the day when I can shed some other responsibilities and set up regular scheduled office hours.

    Thanks for the great and detailed info, it’ll make is super easy to do when that day comes.

    – Ralph Lyon & Loco

  7. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for sharing your latest straightforward
    and very doable blog post with me.
    You really do make these new techniques make sense and your step by step instructions are
    easy to follow and implement.

    I look forward to your next one with anticiaption as I set up my own blog.
    Have anice evening, Janet!

    Yvonne Finn

  8. Janet…
    Just when I thought you raised the BAR to an untouchable limit, you again add another video to blow this old mark out the water. I am so proud to work side by side with such and AMAZING leader. Your passion for helping others shines through and your posture on video capture’s this in living color.
    I’m just wondering… What’s She Gonna Do Next!

    Clayton Wilson

  9. Hi Janet,
    Love your virtual office. It has been so helpful for us to meet there when I’m stuck and to be able to actual watch you through desktop sharing show how to do the task at hand. Ned and I are so blessed to have you as our mentor. Thank you for all that you do and for giving us direction. We can’t wait til your next post!

  10. Hi Janet,
    Great job. Wonderful, comprehensible information, and the virtual office spin is genius. GVO actually provides us a virtual office.

    Warmest regards,

  11. Hey Janet!

    The tools at GVO are amazing and so is my sponsor (you!).

    No other company provides so much value for the money, and having a super coach like you to help all of us in GVO and in your downline is awesome.

  12. I’m pretty shy, so I’ve never before considered getting my own virtual office, as you call it, so I haven’t found out how much it costs to get one set up elsewhere. But apparently it’s pretty expensive. I’m glad GVO gives you one for free with your hosting.

    Being shy, it’s going to be an interesting challenge, also since my sleep hours have been all over the place. But once I hopefully get that straightened out and get my video conference room going on a regular basis without being nervous, I’m sure I’ll be very grateful to you and the guys at GVO for introducing me to their business-expanding virtual office.

    Thank you Janet for your video overview and detailed instructions on how to set it up on my blog. As with all your other posts, this one is yet another reason why I’m grateful for having you as my caring, knowledgeable and easy-to-understand Internet marketing mentor.

    Your new GVO affiliate, (we hope :P)
    Brent Ashworth

  13. Hi Janet Thank You .

    Because of You i have Setup My Conference Room in GVO to Support my Downline and Pending
    Affiliates .

    Now Only If I Knew How to build A Supportive Blog .


  14. Great video and accompanying article. Has all the effect of a great white paper in a more relaxed form.
    Giving people small bites on how to use, and just a few applications really puts you on the road to success.
    Thanks for not trying to overwhelm visitors and just give them some information that they can use.
    A great example of how to use video and your blog.

  15. Great video Janet, super information as always.
    Thank you for your constant support.
    You are always available when needed.
    You are a true business builder.

  16. Great Info Janet. I truly appreciate your response thru skype…it shows ur sincerity in helping 🙂

  17. Hi Janet:
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on putting together an other great video.
    I watch all your videos and I do listen to your tips and suggestions (which are great). I love your unselfishness, honesty and your willingness to personally help people through Skype. Coming to you with a question feels more like going to a friend for advice and that’s great.
    Thank You, All The Best.
    John G.

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