A tribute to my mom

It’s now 2011 … another year has come and gone and still, I miss my mom πŸ™‚Β  Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Moms! I hope and trust that your children make you as proud as mine do.Β Β  A special thank you to Tina, Danial and Brenda for making me SO proud to be your Mom.Β  And thank you to my Mom for instilling great values and a BIG personality!

In Memory of Lucille Therese Cunningham Pillon – MY MOM!

This year (2010) marks my 30th Mother’s day without my mom … 30 years and I miss her as much today as I did back then.

I am very blessed … I have three grown children who are my best friends.Β  My girls and I (and sometimes my son) meet every Wednesday for lunch … (an all day affair) and I treasure every moment I have with them and with my granddaughters.

I am grateful for the opportunity to get to “know” my children.

Reflecting on today made me think of a poem my “aunt” wrote about my mom and read at her funeral back in April 1980.

I’d like to share it here today as a tribute to my mom, Lucille (Lou, Aunty Lou – never Lucy) Cunningham Pillon.Β  My mom was a great woman and I see her strong, brilliant personality in my girls and in my son, every day.


I thought of you today

Because it is your Birthday

And my thoughts went winging

Back across the years

Across the happy times

Across the tears

We haven’t always agreed

But Neither have we condemned

Or judged

We always went along with one another

I became a millionaire

The day I met you

Because the friendship you have given me

Is worth more than anything money can buy

My friend Lou


As you can see, my mom was a very special woman …. I got to know her after she left us because she touched so many lives during her very short one … she remains a prominent influence in my life on a daily basis.

I love you mom,


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