A New View of GDI – Global Domains International

$35,000+ paid to me by GDI!

Janet Legere reviews GDI (Global Domains International)

After 7 Years of Membership, I received a very nice surprise that prompted me to have a new look at GDI, Global Domains International.

I joined GDI for the first time in 2004 and GDI was part of many “systems” that we promoted online.

One thing led to another and my focus was directed away from GDI .. however, during that redirected time, I still received a check every single month.

In fact, over the past 7 years, GDI has paid me over $35,000!

I rounded that out to be just over $400 a month.

May not seem like a lot to you, but the fact is … that $400 a month is a new car payment and that new car sits out front of our house!

When I started to realize the solid opportunity here I did some more homework.

What prompted me to look was when I was checking my commission amount for last month and realized it had increased by 50% and then I saw this month’s balance and it had already tripled last month!

I had to look further and realized that the new IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) had caused quite a stir and people were buying up IDNs like crazy.

I decided it was time to upgrade my membership and that’s when I got a real surprise.

As a Premium member, I’m allowed to import a CSV file with my leads – up to 1000 leads a day, into the GDI Invite system.  It takes me literally 3 minutes to complete.

To date, I sent 4019 invitations and created 100 Premium leads and two new paid members so far.  The GDI system is in place and I have followed up with all the Premium leads and now have them in my system.

If you want help with how to take full advantage of an additional income stream, Skype me and I’ll help you get started.  My ID is janetlegere.

If you are not yet a member of GDI … it’s only $10 a month and while it’s NOT a get rich scheme … over time, with a small bit of focused attention, it can generate a substantial income … I invite you to join our GDI team at


Sceptical?  Your first 7 days with GDI (Global Domains International) are absolutely free.

Remember .. Skype me  @ janetlegere … I can help you make all of this work!

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder


Thanks to Anderson Goncalves for showing me the bonus available to Upgraded premium members at GDI.  Not only can I invite up to 1000 leads a day, I can upload my leads in one file.  It takes less than one minute to do.  I always had great success with the Oppseeker Autoresponder leads and so I purchased a fresh batch of 15,000 leads.  There was a special on and my order was tripled!  I am already seeing GREAT results from these leads and another new signup today!

It takes no time at all to add this solid income stream to your online systems.  With consistent effort, your downline will grow and if you share this strategy with your downline and they duplicate your results, your income not only grows, it becomes unlimited.

You can check out Oppseekers and see for yourself.  This is one company I stand behind when it comes to leads.  They’ve always been very solid.

Let’s get a good look at the Big Picture and put the pieces together for you.


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