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NOTICE: The video may seem to run fast and you may not have time to read all the words … I set the speed to go through quickly … YOU can slow it down or speed it up. YOU have full control! This “video” is for demonstration purposes. Experience the power of Video Marketing

UPDATE 03/22/2010:  I added controls to the video from Easy Video Producer, so now you can pause and replay the video and read each of the slides.  Enjoy!

Instant Video Articles

Content … Content … EVERYWHERE!

Well … do I need to say any more than that? There’s the power of video, and there’s the power of Instant Video Articles explained.

This great bit of software can serve many purposes.

When you create an article for your Article Marketing Traffic Strategies, you can copy and paste from that article to create three or four short videos to mount on YouTube, Easy video Producer, etc.

You can use it to create videos for sale pages in GVO eResponder templates … the list goes on and on.

The video you just saw above was made using the software and the Audacity Audio Studio Software, which is free and a great tool as well.

IVA will merge in any audio files, but to time them to fit with your video you need to edit the music or track.

Audacity is a great and simple free tool that will do that for you. It will even let you record a voice track if you want to include narration … and you can do that over music if you like!

One Note (If you’ll pardon the pun): Be careful what music you use or what audio track.

Make sure you don’t have any problems with rights. Search on Google for “Free Bumper Music” … you’ll find tons of things you can use.

So … what can I say?

My video said it all. Seriously, take my advice and grab this little sucker before it gets so popular they come to their senses and raise the price.

I mean … for $17 it doesn’t get any better than this. You can find out more and get your copy right now by visiting:

If you want to get your free copy of the Audacity Audio editing software, you can do so at:

Get your hands on those two little but powerful tools, and you’ll be churning out video content like an ANIMAL!

Once you’ve got them … be sure to watch the tutorial … and then contact me if you need any help. I’d be glad to help get you going the first time.

After that … it’s EASY! Have a GREAT Day!

Janet Legere
Internet Training Expert

I want to extend a special thank you to my good friend and online business partner, Steve Gaghagen, for introducing me to Instant Video Articles and for sharing his great presentation with me.   If you aren’t following Steve, head over and learn all about Steve and Monty at

22 Replies to “Instant Video Articles”

  1. Janet, you are over the top! You come up with so many fun new toys and tools to help us with our business…gotta love it!
    Thanks Janet–

  2. Cool tool. Saves a lot of time. Now there’s simply no excuse not to use videos to generate traffic.

  3. Janet, you have done it again!! That is the coolest Tool I have seen. The Text was pretty fast for me to get all of it, but I got enough to know what it is and what it will do.
    Thanks Janet for another great Tool to make our Marketing much easier.

  4. Janet,

    You were reading my mind!
    I was just thinking of
    creating video articles
    with MS Power Point and
    Camtasia Studio
    when I got your email
    about this tool.
    Can’t wait to lay my hands
    on it…LOL Just bought it
    and it’s still downloading!
    Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Thanks Ms. Janet!
    Very useful marketing tool to compliment my business.
    Thanks for your messages-I do read them and sometimes I act upon the information.

  6. Thank you Janet. This is a great tool that will only make our work lighter. As usual, great looking out!

  7. Janet,
    You are absolutely correct
    when you first intorduced
    me to IVA I did not take
    the time to check it out
    I did this weekend and I
    am producing video articles
    like a machine.
    Instant Video Articles is a
    THANK YOU, so much!!!

    With Respect,

  8. Hi Janet,
    Have fun with your video tool. You did a great job with it in such a short time. And talking about time, on 3/7/2010 your page rank was 0 (zero), but today my ranking tool I’ve got installed said your page rank that was cached on 3/14/2010 was ranked at pr2. GREAT GOING. You have been busy with other things besides your video tool.
    Have a great time in Vegas.
    Wallace Johnson

  9. Hi Janet and Don boy do I like the GVO video producer. It is so simple to use, I did not watch all the video at first when I did my first one, that is how simple I found it.
    Now today I think it is #4 or 5 for me. Even a caveman can do it.

  10. OH oh oh Janet! Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me this great tool! Can you tell I’m excited?

    And it’s so affordable, too! Not even monthly! Whooooo hooooooo!

    I promise to show my face once in a while!

  11. Loretta, this is such a cool tool to use. I use it with all our voice recordings to make a movie out of it.

    Let me know if you need help with it,


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