5 Steps to Branding You Online

Janet Legere on the 5 Steps to Brand You Online

5 Steps to Branding You Online

There are 5 main things you need to do to begin the branding process online.  Your focus is to brand you as an expert in your field.

  1. You need to have your own domain name with your own name just like I have janetlegere.com You may need to get creative if you have a common name and use whoisjanetlegere.com or janetlegereonline.com or janet-legere.com.
  2. You need to host your domain and install a WordPress Blog. WordPress is simple to install, easy to setup and use and is well recognized by search engines.
  3. You need to have a professional autoresponder and place a form on your blog to capture subscribers.
  4. You need to post articles relevant to your business, product or service and you need to record and host videos. Yes, it’s time to record videos!
  5. You need to get traffic to your website. Social networks, Traffic exchanges, List Builders and Article marketing all offer great ways to get traffic to your site.

Branding you is simple.  Contact me if you need help and I will walk you through the setup process to begin branding you as an expert in your field.

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19 Replies to “5 Steps to Branding You Online”

  1. Branding yourself these days is very important, especially with everyone trying to make a living on the Internet. The most successful marketers are those who are very personable and branding “you” is definitely a step in the right direction. Good call on GVO as well, definitely an awesome program!

  2. Janet Girl

    You are absolutely correct. Branding is key to developing yourself online. Having the proper tools and knowledge are also key! Imagine being able to develop everything needed, by learning from mentors who are where you want to be. Keep churning out these great articles.

    Luv ya girl!


  3. I have to say that branding yourself is key to your success and also attract the people you want to work with. It all boils down to the “Know, Like and Trust” factor, critical to build your business on the Internet and stand out from the crowd out there.

    And GVO has all the tools for you to that!

    Thanks Janet 😉

  4. Great information as always Janet. It is because of your branding that I always open your emails. Your name is associated with quality information and useful links. Many thanks.


  5. Don’t forget that in some cases branding with your company username can be really effective. I’m a UK business associate with Amega Global and I brand myself as AmegaUK – I have a domain name, blog, Twitter account, video channel with my talking-head videos, etc all under AmegaUK. I find this method of branding is working well for me.

  6. Branding is very important part of your business. Without it your just like everyone else. Find out who you are and expose yourself to the masses. Do not have any fear! Just be yourself and have lots of fun with whatever your promoting!

    To Your Success Online,

    Jason Dandridge
    Skype: GlobalCashMoney

  7. Hi:

    I want to spend a very good Mexican fiesta.

    to me when I’m still where I was.

    I receive many messages of Salafist and I’m lost with surfing.

    thank you

  8. That is very true Sandra and what I am referring to is branding YOU as Sandra Morton along side branding your business or service. This is personal branding that I am referring to in my video, not branding you as your business.

    Both are important and branding you is CRITICAL to long term growth and success. After all … YOU will always be here .. your business may not. That is a fact we all agree on 😉

    Thanks for the great comment and reminder to brand ourselves in everything we do.

    Make it a great day!


  9. Hi Janet,
    I am grateful for what you teach about branding and even more happy that I listened to you Janet! Thank you. Have a very blessed cinco de mayo!

  10. You are correct as a first set of steps. What you really need to do though to move forward is to become known for something that is useful to others in line with whatever your strengths are.

    You either make a product that other people are willing to promote or you provide a service that everyone wants.

    You are totally correct about the basics though

  11. I appreciate how clearly you share how important it is to brand. I also like how your videos are becoming more and more professional.Go girl.

    Kevin Michaud

  12. Hey Janet!

    Great Video! Great Post! Great information as always.

    I think that finally … through the teachings of really perceptive folks like you … Internet marketers, both “newbies” and “oldbies” … are beginning to understand the importance of Personal Branding. The days of throwing affiliate sites ust willy-nilly around the web are long gone.

    What’s really on the Internet?

    It’s PEOPLE! And your teachings point people in the right direction … using the Internet to facilitate PERSONAL relations with other human beings … only online.

    What a concept! THANKS!

  13. Hello Janet,
    You did it again. Another video that delivers great information and easy to grasp and follow
    Have a lovely day with your girls!

    Yvonne Finn

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