22. Install Happy Buttons One day, we were staying with…

22. Install Happy Buttons One day, we were staying with…

22. Install Happy Buttons

One day, we were staying with our 3 Granddaughters and the oldest was not having a good day. She and I were locked in her Mother’s bedroom having a chat. By locked, I mean the door was shut and it was just her and I.

I’ll spare you the gory details, she was probably 12 years old and nothing I said was working, she was not a happy child.

And then, and idea came to me and I said, “What if, we could install a Happy Button right here,” as I pointed to the area just below her collar bone on her left side, “and what if, you could install one here,” as I pointed to her right side, “and what if, when you pushed the buttons it made you feel happy?”

And it was at that moment that I caught a little smirk, it was very little, believe me, however it was there and I capitalized on it. Success was in our hands and a smile was forming!

The picture below is the result of that conversation and it was on the counter in the morning, a gift to Grandma. To this day, it’s has a prominent place in my office!

Remember to install and use your own happy buttons. They come in very handy!

Oh and one more thing, on occasion, they may need reinstalling so it’s important to check in on the happiness scale daily

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