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October 10, 2009 – Today we answered the questions you sent in and posted on my blog.  Questions covered topics on the GVO auto-responder, the New Rich system and everything in between.  Class was well attended by 87 guests who asked more great questions and were very actively participating in the live call.  

NOTE:  You will find typed answers to all the questions below in the comments section of this post

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21 Replies to “Your Questions Answered”

  1. Hi Janet.
    Thanks for letting me know about this special call.

    I do have a question about GVO. A couple of people who signed up under me asked for direction about how best should a new person set up the features in their new back office.

    I just wondered if you had some hints for the Quick Setup they can do when they become a new member.



    The three things that I feel are important are the following:

    1. Edit Profile. New members should make sure their details are correct and they select How to get paid! You can choose to be paid via paypal or by cheque. Make sure if you choose cheque, you enter your correct name and address. If you choose paypal, enter your paypal address.

    2. Edit Billing Info. You want to make sure that your billing details are correct so that your account remains active.

    3. Setup a Campaign. It is vital to setup your GVO eResponder and setup a campaign to begin building your contact list. Instructions to setup a campaign for your Personal list can be found here

    I hope that helps!

    Janet Legere

  2. Hi Janet,

    I have six spillover members in my GVO (not my personal signups). I got paid a commission for these members in September. It wasn’t a whole lot a money, but it was for something I didn’t even do. Is this going to continue in October and the future too?


    You will be paid every month on the active members in your downline. You need to sponsor two active members to earn from the entire 2X10 matrix.

    Bram Smith put together a phenomenal video that explains the GVO compensation plan. You will find it here:

    On the page, under the form you will see three Videos, watch them all but pay close attention to the Compensation Plan video. It’s well explained and easy to follow.

    I hope that helps,

    Janet Legere
    You can promote this link as well, simply replace “janetlegere” with your GVO username!

  3. 1. I’ve seen my GVO affiliate family tree increase and then decrease. Are people dropping out or is something else happening?
    2. What is the [add profit position] in the affiliate family tree next to my affilates?


    When a new member does not enter their credit card info or their card is declined, they show up as “yellow” in your downline in GVO. The GVO admin will send notices to these members to activate their account. If they do not activate, their account is removed. The database is ‘cleared’ at least once a month.

    Regarding Add Profit Positions, this is where you can place your earned positions. For a more detailed description, please go to Brams video on the Compensation Plan located under the form on this page:

    I hope that helps,


  4. Hi Janet, I am confused. What is the Super Sponder Syestem in Under Marketing Tools? Am I supposed set this up too? why does my site say that it is not live? I also do not understand the Campaign set up for “New Rich members” and “New Rich Leads. Since mid Sept and Oct I have had over 100 hits but no sign ups. I must be doing something wrong. Thanks. See Ya at training on Sat.



    The Super Responder is the old autoresponder system that was part of the “Kiosk” system. The new GVO autoresponder is called the eResponder. You can only access the eResponder from the gvo members area at

    The campaigns for New Rich Report need to be setup to collect your New Rich Leads and Members. I have step by step directions at Locate the post on Setting up your GVO Campaigns.

    Regarding your activity and 100 hits, we talked in class about the fact that 100 is a small number. And if they are coming mostly from traffic exchanges, then that number is even smaller in relevance. You need to see thousands of hits to your site and over time you will. It simply means you need to add more activities to your daily advertising routine. Login to New Rich and read over the Success Guide, there are many days of activities that are low and no cost.

    I hope that helps,


  5. Hi Janet,
    Me again, I am not sure what questions to ask, because I’m confused at this point.
    I am advertiseing, but I’m not sure where a good place is to put my ad. I have craiges list, All my traffic programs loaded, adlandpro, etc.
    Is there a trick to loading the ad?
    I don’t want to quit , so if I have to get a mentor, I’ll do that.
    Dean H


    Tricks of the trade, everyone thinks there are tricks but there aren’t any … when you follow simple strategies you will see results. Results come from consistent activity … if you want more results, you need to do more activities.

    Start with Social networks – invite 10 new friends a day to your list … you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can grow … and as you grow, you share your experience with your followers. I have a short video that shows you how to add friends from your Local Network on Facebook Visit

    This week, add this to your task list … invite 10 new people every day, ok?

    I hope that helps,

    Janet Legere

  6. I am a member of New rich report,Earth friendly biz and Gvo.I am confused on which program i should advertise in the traffic exchanges.Do you have any new ads i could use.thanks bruce rohrer


    Your confusion is a common affliction online and it’s easy to happen. New Rich, Earth Friendly Biz and GVO are all great programs. New Rich Report and Earth Friendly Biz are prospecting systems that are “Funded Proposals”. Through them, we are helping you build your list and sort your list into buying prospects. GVO is a marketing tool that anyone and everyone who is online needs. GVO offers everything a business owner needs to manage their business and promote their business online.

    What should you focus on? That will depend on the resources you have at your disposal. If you are new with few resources, focus your attention on New Rich Report or Earth Friendly Biz. If you have access to many resources, you can advertise all three.

    If you advertise GVO separately, I recommend you followup with new members and invite them to the funded system you use most (NRR or EFB).

    I hope that helps,


  7. Hello Janet,
    I just wanted to know if new rich autoresponder
    messages are already in or GVO autoresponder.As
    i am bringing in Prospects and they dont seam to be getting any follow up messages.Just the welcome message i set up can you help me with this please.


    The New Rich Report messages are ready and the import does work, however, as of October 10, I suggest you hold off importing the letters until they are corrected. You will receive notice when the letters have been modified.

    For now, you can send a personal broadcast email to your Leads and your Members using the GVO system. You should invite them to training calls, share your experience and encourage them to reply.

    I hope that helps,

    Janet Legere

  8. Janet, I have registered two Domains with GVO, I am a little confused as to how to:-
    a) Decide what my primary business should be .. I am a recently retired chef, could I work within these bounds?
    b) I have a previous Web site about Regional Italian Flavours that is fairly high on the search engines, and although I haven’t done anything to it in months, it continually gets visitors, it has a free report with a link to an afilliate e-book, I’ve never received notification of any sales, and there isno opt-in form. Should I go back to this site and continue here, could this be sufficient to be a primary business?
    I am quite confused about what I should consider my primary business.
    Thank you


    First, I want to address the “lack of form” on your website. I recommend you add a subscriber form (it’s easy to create on in GVO visit to learn how. Have your subscriber form direct to the report. Remove the report link from your main page and move your “sales” link to the thank you page after your visitor subscribes.

    There are so many ways to use your current site. My best advice is to add a form to your blog and give away a free report about Regional Italian Flavours. You can include your GVO info on your website, because GVO is the service you use. People who visit your site who are interested in Regional Italian Flavours (and I imagine that could be a LOT of people), may also be interested in what GVO offers since what GVO offers is for anyone in any business.

    Consider GVO your primary business as far as online marketing and use GVO to market your Regional Italian Flavours.

    I hope this helps,


  9. Hi Janet,I do my best to make LiveTraining but time zones or kids often prevent me from attending. Thank You so much for allowing us to post questions..helps when you can’t make it.I’m wondering if GVO is able to be promoted as my Primary Business? as that has been my main focus of late..until something else? i.e bringing in signups to GVO Hosting? I also have two domain names..but unsure what or how to set these up? Or do I just use these for Info Products? I, too am wondering about Kiosk autoresponder setup..sorry just a little confused!
    Thanks Janet
    Kind regards
    Katrinna Brooks (katmoneymum xx)


    With two domains available, I recommend you setup a Word Press blog on your sites and write about topics that are relevant to your domains. Include a subscriber form on your blog so that your visitors can subscribe to your list. Much like you see at the top right of my own blog here.

    You can find instructions to setup your GVO campaigns and autoresponder here:

    Now for promoting GVO, you can consider GVO your primary business – it has a product the masses need! There are many websites available to promote and more will appear as GVO gets closer to launch.

    I have listed some of the more popular sites here:

    I hope that helps get you on track,

    Janet Legere

  10. Recruiting, Retention and Duplication = MLM Success. I love weekly training calls and use them to train my downline. Thanks Janet for this awesome training and learning platform which do help even newbies to get started real fast!


    Thanks for the feedback Niranjan, it is truly appreciated.


  11. Hi Janet,

    The Newrichreport eresponder meassage is now working and I have already downloaded all the message in my eresponder,however, as I the check the message using my own email ads to sign up in my newrichreport website I have notice that the link look like this
    is not working so how are we going to correct this?


    The programmers have been notified of this error and they are working on it. I recommend you delay importing until this is corrected.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


  12. I am still concerned about the code to share NRR autoresponder messages with GVO eresponder.


    The code is available and instructions are inside the New Rich members area on Step Two. At the time of this post (October 10), the letters are not correct. I recommend you delay uploading for a day or two until this situation has been resolved. We are very close!


  13. Hello Janet,

    I am a newbie to the list building also, and practically everything to do with making money on the internet.
    Thanks for your coaching and teaching these, how to use this system.I am so glad to have you as a mentor and that comes from the bottom of my heart.
    I have many questions ,but today, I do have a question about NRR and GVO.
    If I joined the NRR and I can not afford to join to GVO, may I use the system? (NRR). I can afford $ 1, but after 2 weeks I must pay $ 44.95 and I really do not afford this because my budget is too small . I’m so sorry that I can’t join this program(now)and I believe that is excellent.

    All the best to you and those you love!

    Liliana V.


    You can absolutely use the NRR system without joining GVO. Follow the steps to bring visitors to your New Rich Website, followup and you will soon see the results you need and be able to join GVO.

    You want to join GVO as soon as possible because those you bring into New Rich will join … and you want them to join you!

    I hope that helps,


  14. Hi Janet,
    As are many of us I’m involved in just too many things on line, but some of them provide me with targeted leads of people looking to make it on line. I guess my question is can i target these leads using our auto responders here for GOV & is there clear training on how to do so?


    You can setup as many campaigns as you like in GVO with the professional eResponder. I have detailed instructions listed on our GVO training blog.

    Create your campaigns and add your form to your existing sites or create new blogs and new campaigns.

    I hope that helps,


  15. Hi Janet

    I watched the GVO video’s. How do I post a video on my WS website? I think to produce the video I can use my webcam – I do not know how yet but I will try to figure it out.




    I put together a free report that shows you how to use Easy Video Producer to record your video and add it to a blog. You could use the same technique to add the embed code of your video to your .ws website.

    Get a copy of my Free Report here:

    I hope that helps,

    Janet Legere

  16. Many thanks for arranging the typed responses. This is very helpful to those who cannot attend the conference calls for a variety of reasons like difference in time zone and other commitments. Please keep this practice!

    Kwan Man

  17. GVO i have this site out there every where and getting know where why is that what do you think is the best way to get leads and sign ups


    There are many ways to advertise online, Social Networks, Traffic Exchanges, Credit Based List Builders, Google.

    For tips on marketing, you can follow what we teach at New Rich Report

    Contact me directly if you need specific help ok?

  18. some how i entered in yhe middle — what is GVO


    GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities.

    GVO is the old Kiosk with all the Kiosk products included

    Domain hosting
    Professional Autoresponder
    Easy Video Producer
    Downtime Witness
    and more

    If you are not yet a member of GVO, you want to get on board immediately. You can lock in your position for just one dollar ($1). Then it’s just $44.95 per month. I have members who are saving over $200 a month just by using GVO.

    I hope that helps.


  19. How the BEEP BEEP do you find the time, are you personally answering all these blog comments, they come across as if they are answered by Janet Legere, I am astounded at how you manage your time.
    There is probably a lesson to be learned here also LOL



    To answer your question, absolutely it’s me answering these posts. My focus is helping YOU master Internet Marketing. I hope these question and answer sessions help.

    You are doing a great job, Kevan!

    Keep it up!

    Janet Legere

  20. Very helpful questions and answers. The one question I have is…Should I just concentrate on Promoting the New Rich Report itself alone rather than the 3 business separately? (ie GDI, GVO and my Primary business)

    Thank You
    Morten Vongsaphay


    Thank you Morten, I’m so glad to hear it’s helping.

    My best advice is to focus your attention on New Rich Report as it will promote all three programs for you. This is especially important if you are new or have limited resources with which to advertise.

    I hope this helps.

    Janet Legere

  21. Janet,

    I first encountered you through EFB and only found this blog 3 days ago. While I have seen many marketers who claim to offer help, you are the real deal. Just this Q&A is excellent. You are the first, what I call successful marketer to really make a differance for me.

    Just want to thank you,
    Paul Hance

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