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Published on March 21, 2010 By Janet Legere

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! NOTICE: The video may seem to run fast and you may not have time to read all the words … I set the speed to go through quickly … YOU can slow it down or speed it up. YOU [...]


Published on January 24, 2010 By Janet Legere

LIL GVO CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON ON THE VIDEO TO LISTEN TO THE SONG ‘LIL GVO’ Great song eh?  It gets me into the groove every morning … Don and I welcome the opportunity to kick up your groove and invite you to join our GVO team and TeamBogYeager. CLICK HERE to Join our ever [...]

Real Life Success

Published on September 25, 2009 By Janet Legere

Today I realized that the so aspired dream I had of “making money while you sleep” has finally come true, I woke up this morning and while having my coffee I decided to turn on my laptop and check what had happened during the night, logged into the NRR and my e-mail and There it was… 5 new NRR members, 2 GVO, 1 GDI and 1 in my primary (Empowerism(.com), which I had never been able to sell a subscription before and up to today I have sold 3 thanks to NRR) , W@@W