Program Review: Apsense Business Network

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Janet Legere Reviews The Apsense Business Social Network

Advertising online seems to be a constant struggle for most Internet Marketers.  Finding good places to advertise that won’t break your bank account.

There are many resources out there, some new, some tried and true and Apsense is one of those Tried and True Business Social Networks that is a cut above all the rest.

Apsense is a leader in Business Social Networks

I’ve been a member at Apsense since it first came out and almost embarrassed to say that I paid little attention to it.  Fact is, I’d get the daily Solo Ads and click them, earn the $.05 and think … hmmm, I wonder what this Apsense is all about.

I frequently saw Jane Mark’s name and ads in the system and when you see Jane Mark (Sokule) is using and advertising resource, you know there has to be more to it.

And so I decided to take the time and venture inside Apsense and was I ever amazed at what I found hiding inside this powerful Business Social Network.

Even as a free member, you can earn credits and cash and connect with a LOT of other online marketers.  It’s a great place to present your business to people who are interested in it.

You can create your profile (we all know how important a profile can be), you can create a private network of your own contacts.  You can create groups and write articles much like other networks and what I like most about Apsense is the ability to create what they call REV pages.   There is free and paid advertising, you can earn credits and give credits to others.

Upgraded Members Have Added Benefits

The activity I created in a few days on the system was amazing.  I was so impressed that I upgraded right away and I am currently working on updating my business center and my profile as well as creating new Rev pages for the programs I am part of.  I am so excited about the potential at Apsense, especially as an upgraded member.

I encourage you to come and have a look … as I mentioned, even as a free member you will be able to make amazing contacts with all the right people.

Watch this amazing flash presentation and see if you aren’t as impressed as I was:

Then decide to come on board with Apsense today and get YOUR business in front of new hungry eyes!  Click the banner below to JOIN NOW.

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Simple Facebook Strategy

Simple Facebook Strategy

On our recent Saturday call, we had over 81 guests who wanted to learn this simple Facebook strategy. Don also talked about the lessons we can learn from the strife in the Middle East. It is all about applying this conscious growth into your life too. Janet showed us how to market effectively on Facebook with a simple invitation method. Its easy to build a strong and vibrant primary business by following these simple steps.

You can enjoy the recording of our live training call where I walked our visitors through the process to invite their Facebook friends to look at their business or system.

Click Play

This is a really simple Facebook Strategy to find people on your friends list who maybe interested in your business.  it is a non-intrusive way to make contact.

Learn To Invite Your Facebook Friends

The basic method is as follows.

1.  Go to your list of friends that show on the left side of your profile in Facebook

2.  Pick a friend you don’t know very well or have never contacted before.

3.  Visit their profile and look up their info.  Find out if they are involved in business or what they are using Facebook for.

4.  Send a message to your friend inviting them to either look at your “system” or to look at your business or product.

Facebook Message Templatesclick here to download

The key to all this is that first, you are looking up your friend and learning more about them, second, you are simply asking them if they may be interested.  You are not including any web links.

5.  When they reply to say YES, they are interested, you will follow up and send your link to your “system”, business or product.

That’s it … adapt the letters above to suit your personality as well, you will need to adapt them to suit your system, business or product.

Have fun with it.  Spend 30 to 60 minutes each day and I promise you, you will start sponsoring people into your business.

Thanks for listening, happy marketing,

Janet Legere

Our System of Choice is Second Income Coach – Where you will learn everything you need to learn to do anything you want to do online.

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Are You Strugging To Learn Internet Marketing

Learn Internet Marketing at Second Income Coach

Hello and welcome!

Let me ask you … are you still struggling to learn Internet Marketing?  Do you have a list you can market to?  Do you know what a list is?

If you answered no, you aren’t alone.

It’s a common issue online.  It seems everywhere I go, people are struggling to learn Internet Marketing and struggling to learn how to build a list.

The problem?  People are sold on the idea that you signup for a program and get rich.  Do you believe that?  Do you believe there is a secret to making all this work?

Secrets To Internet Marketing at Second Income Coach

Well if you believe there is a secret then you are RIGHT and that secret is a program called Second Income Coach.

What is Second Income Coach?

SIC (as we love to call it) is a funded sponsoring system where we teach you, step by step, how to do everything you need to do to do anything you want to do online.

Catchy eh?

We teach you all about branding you, from setting up your domain to creating your first blog.  We teach you how to setup your auto-responder and build a list.  We also teach you how to advertise on the Internet and how to use such services as Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, Credit Based Lists, Social Networks and more.

At Second Income Coach, we literally take you by the hand and teach you simple strategies to learn how to master simple tools to drive traffic to your website.

There are several LIVE calls held during the week where our leaders (including me) offer training on specific topics inside SIC.

We even have a Skype group, two in fact, for our Free SIC Members and our GOLD SIC members.  Yes, you can join and benefit from SIC as a free member.  You can even earn commissions at Second Income Coach as a free member.  Free members earn 10% while Gold members earn 50%.  Best part?  When you upgrade to Gold you begin earning 50% from your current gold members!  No one else does that!

Learn To Use The Internet To Make Money

So, if you are struggling to learn Internet Marketing and you are tired of jumping from program to program, then I recommend you find a home here at Second Income Coach.

Our team is here for YOU … our business is all about YOU and YOUR business.

So go ahead .. come home to Second Income Coach and let us help you create the results you want.

We are here waiting for you.  Click the banner now to join Second Income Coach and turn your results positive!

Skype me at janetlegere and let’s make this happen for you like it is for the rest of our team.

See you soon,

Janet Legere

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Best of the Best for 2010

Hello and welcome to the end of 2010. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, yet here we are.

It’s the time of year that many reflect on their accomplishments and goals.

For me, it’s the time of year to look back on the tools and resources we used all year and decide which were the most effective.

I had an interesting experience this year as I was reviewing the tools and resources that we use.

My tops picks came out like this:

Second Income Coach

SIC – Second Income Coach is likely THE best funded sponsoring system that ever came online.  What makes SIC so special is that with SIC you will learn everything you need to learn to do anything you want to do online.  In other words, SIC is the ONE stop place for you to learn to build YOUR business online.  At Second Income Coach, you will learn to Earn while you learn to master simple online strategies to attract solid prospects for your Primary business.

GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities is your one stop shop for branding you.  Branding was one of the hot topics in 2010 and a major focus of our training.   Branding you is all about setting up your own website where your visitors can learn more about you, who you are and what your passions are.  Through GVO, you can register a domain, install a wordpress blog, setup an auto-responder campaign and even record and share video.  GVO will save you money over other available services.  One small monthly fee covers you for everything you need to create your brand online.

GVO Conference

GVO Conference launched in 2010 to rave reviews and with good reason.  At long last, everyone can afford to use Video Web Conferencing just like the “big guys”.  Now you too can offer a professional presentation to your prospects from around the globe.  The best part?  GVO Conference is SO simple to use and it generates another lucrative income stream for you when you share it with other networkers.  GVO Conference is the perfect tool for all Networkers and Business owners who do business in a Global economy.

List Joe

List Joe is one of the original credit based lists to come on the market and still ranks as my number one choice for responsive members.  List Joe has a very active membership that responds well to what we teach.  The key with List Joe is to upgrade to the Annual membership for $197.00.  Your upgrade gives you the ability to email 3000 members every 3 days.  That’s 30,000 random members every month.  List Joe boasts an active membership of over 65,000 members.

State Of The Art Mailer

State of the Art Mailer is a unique credit based list where you can earn credits reading emails and rather than having to open your inbox, you login to the system to view the email ads and websites.  You can level up to have access to email up to 10,000 members.  Free or upgraded, you can earn mailings to random members.  I recommend the one time ugrade  of $197.00 so you can have continuous access to email random members every three day.

Prospect Geyser

Prospect Geyser is an advertising program that James Stone and I put together for our members.  This unique system capitalizes on the Search Engine Keyword phrases and helps you benefit from specific keyword phrases that are relevant to your ad.

I have many new resources that came out in 2010 that are very effective.  As I started thinking about all the programs,  noticed that our own Prospect Geyser included all my top programs!

We launched Prospect Geyser on November 13, 2010 and here we are just 6 short weeks later approaching 3000 members and activity like nothing else has ever created!

Since launching Prospect Geyser and focusing my advertising on Prospect Geyser, I have seen an increase in signups for Second Income Coach, GVO and GVO Conference.  All three of these programs create a substantial income stream because these are tools members need for the long term.

I noticed that by focusing my attention on Prospect Geyser and following up with new members, my numbers increased in all areas.

Prospect Geyser, GVO and GVO Conference along with List Joe and State Of The Art Mailer, are all part of the Second Income Coach system.

So for 2010, my vote for TOP Funded Advertising System is Prospect Geyser!

These programs all work together to help YOU develop good solid prospects for YOUR primary business.  Let’s work together to help you master these simple systems so that 2011 can be your year for exponential growth.

Here they are again, my top picks for 2010. Solid programs that will lead you right into a successful and profitable 2011

Second Income Coach:

GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

GVO Conference:

List Joe:

State Of The Art Mailer:


Remember, through Second Income Coach and Prospect Geyser, all the systems are connected.  You have everything you need RIGHT HERE!  The only thing missing is you.

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The New Viral Networks

Viral Networks Re-Launches to Rave Reviews

There have been a lot of new programs hit the Internet in the last month or two and it can be quite difficult to decide what’s good and what isn’t.

One of my online business partners, Colin Klinkert recently RE-released his phenomenal Social Network for Internet Marketers called Viral Networks.

Viral Networks is a well thought out system that takes advantage of Web 2.0 Technology to offer Internet Marketers a place to ‘network’, a place to advertise and a place to make money.

And the best part of Viral Networks, at least for me, is the list building aspect. As an upgraded member, you can email up to 6000 random members every 3 days (that’s 60,000 members a month). Consider who you are emailing here …. other Internet and Network marketers!

Here is a highlight of some of the main features of Viral Networks:

As a member of Viral Networks, you can:

  • network with other contacts in the same industry as you (this is VITAL for success).
  • build a Hyper Viral message board list through the addition of their awesome list builder.
  • build a downline down 5 levels and contact them via messageboard.
  • be rewarded with 10% of the credits earned from everyone in your downline!
  • earn in the revenue sharing pool based on credits earned

Bottom line, just from being an active user, ViralNetworks will share their revenue with you!

New features

  • Networks for site owners to create a networking platform so they can better interact with their existing customers
  • and easily reach new customers (in other words: existing ViralNetworks members)
  • Article directory for members to share their articles with others and build dofollow backlinks to their site
  • Achievements and trophies that act as trust seals on people’s profiles, helping them build their reputation online
  • Improved search engine-friendliness, to get your profile and articles ranking high in the search engines
  • Upgraded members only forum with free products, review copies of paid products, marketing tips.
  • Non-disruptive pop-up system for imails, allowing senders to have an even higher open rat
  • Cash rewards for members submitting high quality marketing content.

Steps to get started at Viral Networks:

1. Join Viral Networks:
If at all possible, upgrade in Viral Networks to open up the mailing aspect.

2. Setup your Profile: Login to Viral Networks. Click on the Dashboard link then access My Profile.

It’s important the you setup your profile completely and be certain to upload a photo. You cannot expect to network with other Networkers if you don’t have a picture of yourself in your profile. Success in networking online is all about becoming a real person online.

3. Create a Group: Create a group regarding a topic of interest to you. If you are focused on marketing Second Income Coach, then you could create a group about Prospecting with Systems, or Following a proven system or Funded Sponsoring Systems . Creating a group will attract people to find you and earn you credits in the system.

4. Connect with other members: Now that your profile is setup, you are ready to connect with other Viral Networkers. Click on the Community tab, visit the profiles of other members and begin connecting. Add people of interest to your list in Viral Networks.

5. Visit the Forum and start posting: The best way to connect with others is to become involved. Visit the Forum and find posts of interest to you and participate.

6. Tell others about Viral Networks: Use the Viral Networks Promotion system. They truly make it easy for you to share Viral Networks with others by offering your simple tools and resources to advertise your website. From your Dashboard, select the Promotion Tools section. You will find different sections that offer several different ways to advertise your site. You will also find helpful training videos showing you how to use the services.

Spend some time going through the system, it will be worth your time to understand how Viral Networks works so that you can take best advantage of the system.

You are going to be invited by other members to join their list and to network with them. This is a very active community and the more active you are the more credits you will earn and the more people you will connect with.

It’s in connecting with those people that you will find business leaders for your business.

Remember, networking is all about relationships. Spend some time getting to know some people.

Enjoy Viral Networks … it gets our “Seal of Approval” for recommended list building resources.

If you are using Viral Networks , leave a comment and let us know how it’s working for you or share your strategies on how you are using the system.

Until next time … have a great day!

Janet Legere

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